Lost Status Password

Hi there,

I hope this is the right forum for this question.

I just created Status & before copying the link from my computer to LastPass, I forgot to past the new password I created.

Now I can’t change the p/w until I put in the lost one & I don’t see any documents about this.

Please help.


Tricky issue! For security reasons your password isn’t saved anywhere by the app. It’s used to encrypt your identity, your assets, everything locally on your device. Indeed, you can change your password, but you can’t recover it.

What you could do is:

If you want to access the exact same Profile, including the 3-word name you received and any active Ethereum accounts in your wallet

  • Go to Profile > Privacy and Security > Back up your seed phrase
  • Go to Profile > Sign out
  • Navigate to Your Keys > Access existing keys

If you don’t mind getting a different 3-word name, Ethereum account (send your funds to another account first if you have any!)

  • Go to Profile > Sign out
  • Navigate to Your keys > ... > Generate a new key

Because your profile is stored locally on your device, it’s easy to create as many profiles as you’d like.