Making Embark more appealing

Latest Website hero illustration attached! These are looking really really cool!

Next steps is to update the asset to fit the website composition and then create the remaining web and social assets :slight_smile:


I really really like those. As mentioned in one of our calls, it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll fit in the current design though. Can’t wait to get those in!

Quick update here:

The new Embark site is 98% done and I can’t wait to put it out there with v4.

I don’t wanna spoil too much but it’s sooo good, you can see it from the moon. :slight_smile:

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Saw a sneak peak and wow its looking great! Great stuff pascal and team :slight_smile:

As we plan to launch the new website/brand in conjunction with the release of v4, this presents a great opportunity to own the space and drive a lot of traffic to the site, gitter, and ultimately installs (as well as mindshare). Ive put together a simple v4 launch brief with positioning and bill of materials. A key learning from the Keycard launch is the landing and ongoing marketing efforts past the initial launch date.


  • Launch: Raise awareness of v4 and awesome new features. Introduce new brand/website and drive strong brand recognition across all mediums and channels. Installs of v4. New members in Gitter channel
  • Landing: Continued brand/feature awareness. Drive brand positioning as a differentiator to competitors/other tools in ecosystem. Collect feedback from embark community members. New installs. New Gitter members

Brief: (includes some early iterations of email copy as well as sample tweets for 3-4 weeks following launch - this copy is DRAFT and needs support)

Run of Show:

@PascalPrecht the most pressing thing for me now is the features and highlights for the v4 release notes/blog post. I need to get this drafted asap so I can pitch to press.

After 4 months of initially kicking off this thread, we’ve now finally shipped Embark v4 including a new branding, logo and website!!


Congratulations Everyone, Embark 4 ROCKS!!

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