Multiple Account Toggle

One of the features that I really like about status is the idea that I can easily create multiple accounts. One of the problems however is that switching between accounts is rather annoying. It takes me like 3 steps.

Currently there are apps that do this switch really nicely like instagram, where I go to my profile click on a dropdown that features my name and it switches the account. Maybe something like this could be done for status to simplify the process.


Good idea. funny thing, we had this in the profile designs dating back as far as 2018 (just click on your username), then our architecture changed and it got lost in translation somewhere. Iā€™m cool with working on bringing it back though!

Would be awesome to bring back @maciej even if I have to type my password in every time, the going to login screen is a pain in the ass.

I believe that you and @Alice are somewhat in alignment regarding this:

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