Naming of our Community Advocacy Program

Hey Team!
Need your help to arrive at a name for both the upcoming Status Ambassadors Program, and a corresponding name for those who participate in the program.

But first, a bit of background:
We’re building a program with an accompanying hub where anyone from the community who is so inclined can come in and easily help spread the word about Status. There will be many different kinds of tasks for them execute, some small, some large, some with SNT incentives, and others without. An example of a small task might be something like asking folks to re-tweet a piece of content we’ve already tweeted or ask a question during a townhall. A larger task could be something like asking them to remix their own version of a video clip we’ve created announcing a new product feature, and providing them with relevant visual assets, and a high-level creative brief. Most of the tasks will fall somewhere in between; they’ll require a bit of time and effort, but not as much as independently producing a video.

In selecting the right name for the program, we need it to accomplish a few different goals.
It should:

  • Simply sound good to the ear
  • Feel on-brand, and be able to hang alongside with the rest of the Status names (Embark, Incubate, Projects, etc.) without sounding like it comes from a different universe
  • Show a respect for the program participants, making them feel proud to participate in such a program, and be identified as a program participant
  • Not sound too exclusive, given the nature of the organization (so names like ‘Status Elite’ wouldn’t be viable)

The Marketing team did a very wide initial exploration and from that, arrived at this shortlist.
Take a peek at the names, below. You can also take a peek at the long list here, if curious, or to see if we missed a good one!


Program/community name: Status Iconoclasts
Rationale: ‘Iconoclast’ is a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions’ - like centralization. Anarchistic vibes.
An ambassador is called: An Iconoclast

Program/community name: Status Trailblazers
Rationale: Trailblazers, another way of naming early-adopters; those leading the way towards a fully-decentralized world.
An ambassador is called: A trailblazer

Program/community name: Status Shapers / Status Global Shapers
Rationale: Keepin’ it simple.
An ambassador is called: A Shaper / Global Shaper


Program/community name: Status X Scouts
Rationale: ‘Scout’ is someone who is sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information. I feel like this option is missing a syllable, something like D-Scout (decentralization scout)
An ambassador is called: A Scout, A D-Scout, An X Scout?

Program/community name: The Statusphere
Rationale: The idea of the Statusphere is where all of the most passionate community members come to help amplify the message
An ambassador is called: A Member of The Statusphere

Program/community name: Status Alliance
Rationale: Allies? The “good guys” on the right side of history.
An ambassador is called: An Ally

Program/community name: Status Corps
Rationale: A group of persons associated or acting together
An ambassador is called: A Member of the Status Corps


Program/community name: Status Creators
Rationale: Keepin’ it simple.
An ambassador is called: A Creator

Program/community name: Status Contributors
Rationale: Keepin’ it simple.
An ambassador is called: A Contributor

Program/community name: Team Status
Rationale: Keepin’ it simple.
An ambassador is called: A Team Member

Program/community name: Status+
Rationale: Keepin’ it simple.
An ambassador is called: A Status+ Member

So, what do you think?
Do any of the names above stand out more than any of the others for you? Please comment below with your favorite names to vote for ‘em. And if you have any names you’ve arrived at yourself that you feel could be viable, we’d love to hear those, too!

Thanks for any and all input, guys…

Some great options. My personal favourite (from the long list) is Status Amplify for the program name. When I was reading through the description of background and goals, amplify seemed like the best fit.

Status trailblazers is my favorite. Representative of the shift were all co-creating the best.

Voting for Ignite or Trailblazers

I like the sound of Statusphere, though ambassador name not so much. How about “Pilots” for ambassadors. A little convoluted, I admit, but I enjoy the play on words.

For more straight forward, I like Status Creators.

Do you expect those that participate will tilt toward creative techies, or tech-tolerant creatives?

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Statusphere really stands out for me for the program name, and Obi I really love your suggestion of referring to the members as Pilots!

Huge vote here for The Statusphere and Pilots :+1:

+1 to Statusphere.

No clear winner for the names of the person for me.

vote for Statusphere and Pilots

I also :heart: Pilots, who doesn’t want to be a pilot? And also like the statusphere

Vote for Statusphere
Statuslized with name as crypters or coders
Statuscope with cops

Status Interactive

‘Iconoclast’ feels too serious and I find ‘Statusphere’ to be too cheesy to list anywhere. I enjoy the simple names like Team Status and Status contributors.

I like simple such as Status contributors or Status community engagement champions


Nomads of the Status Nomad programme

And to quote from wiki, a Nomad is a member of a community of people with no fixed habitation who regularly move to and from areas.

How about “status friends” ?