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New Device seen on network notification

Whenever a new device using my public key is seen on the network, a notification is sent to all other devices. Currently, a form of this happens when we “advertise ourselves” via the device syncing options. I suggest we increase this functionality if it can be done in a computationally efficient manner (not listening to everything on the network)

Use case: *As a user, I want to e notified when a device I haven’t seen or am synced with is used on the network so that I can be aware of all the devices on the network using my keys. It should also make is easier for me to go sync devices when a device is advertised instead of me needed to explore my device settings regularly.

Target user: Multi-device (multi-tennant) users, privacy/security advocates

Why this is important: It is important to keep devices in sync and reduce the barrier of multi-device users to stay in sync. It is also important to inform a user of key exposure so that they can act accordingly if that exposure is expected or not.

Any other comments:

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

This one actually on mobile should already be there, we used to have a pop up that would show any time a new device has been detected, maybe to we lost it somewhere, worth checking.

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