New Security/Infrastructure Hire


I have asked for a new hire to sit in between me and @jakubgs. As you all may know, we are both responsible for all security and infrastructure, which requires a lot of work and upkeep in a myriad of ways. Because of this, we are not able to spend much time working on deep work or anything new, but instead spend our time maintaining things, whether it be relationships with third parties, bounties, node health, CI, etc.

In the name of transparency, I have been fleshing out plans to build a smart-contract monitoring platform as a side project for Status because it is a tool I personally need to do my job better, which means others need it as well throughout the community. I am not capable of doing this with my current workload (as well as Jakub as he’d like to help in the back-end of things). The TL;DR, I want smart alerts on ill-behavior w.r.t. people interacting with our on-chain high-risk assets. This should be useful for people who are not technically inclined so that finance or risk management teams can use it, as it will continue to be an issue as long as people are building businesses on crypto and smart contracts. This goal is to build something that is useful for me, than offer it as a SaaS to help funnel money into Status.

If you’d like to discuss this with me, I’m happy to talk about it. I have many plans on a feasible path forward that doesn’t take too much of my attention from the more important things happening within Status and our path forward.

Also, please express your opinions on the new hire, as they are required for any of this to work, and imo, also required even if we didn’t start a side project.


External job posting is here.

Please let @petty or I know if you have questions about, or recommendations for, the role.

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In some ways, it is your job to make your job as obsolete as possible.

This part is great and should probably be included in more descriptions of cross-functional roles!