Next Step for SNT Voting Dapp

Growing the Voting Dapp

After Devcon, I was left with a clear impression that success in building decentralized experiences requires directly or indirectly collaborating with other teams. The voting dapp benefited from the work done by Giveth through their poll manager and mini-me contracts. We in turn added to that work by implementing quadratic voting, code which takes a snapshot of token balances without the need to deploy a mini me contract and building on the UI. With this progression in mind, I believe the next step for the voting dapp is sending it out into the web3 ecosystem for others to build on.

Token holder feedback

What benefit would other organizations, token communities or companies find in the voting dapp?

My belief is that as the barriers to participation such as GAS costs decrease with the aid of GAS abstraction and side chains, the sentiment captured will represent an overwhelming percentage of token holders. The lowering of barriers will be complemented by incentivizing participation through token rewards, reputation NFTs or perhaps one-day receiving compensation for having AI trained on the survey/vote data provided by the user.

When an overwhelming number of token holders provides feedback, the signal becomes clear. It’s this clear signal from token holders which will become valuable to token organizations like Status and hopefully many others in the space.

The Voting Dapp as decentralized google forms

The voting dapp is not about voting so much as it is about collecting a signal, it a choice to collect that signal via quadratic voting. I see the voting dapp grow like google forms in the sense that a poll creator will, via a GUI interface may craft a poll or survey or both to capture sentiment from token holders.

Who in the organization is this for?

I see the voting dapp becoming the tool of choice for community managers and UX researchers to gather sentiment from token holders. But really anyone who needs to receive a clear signal from a token community in a matter that protects the token holder’s privacy whilst guaranteeing that the data collected comes from a specific audience.

What does this mean for the Voting Dapp as of now?

As of now, the swarm is working on designs to allow SNT holders to browser open polls, view past closed polls and create a poll.

After this feature, in the sprint of open source, the aim is to improve the SNT voting dapp repo to the point where it becomes a simple and clear task for another token community to clone the product and use it to receive signals from their communities. It is my belief that this is the most effective way to grow the product, for us and for token communities everywhere.