Nimbus' Ethereum 2.0 AMA - Berlin edition

Hello all,

the Nimbus team will be holding another Ethereum 2.0 AMA on Thursday, August 15th, in Berlin at 4pm CEST (2pm UTC).

You can drop by if you’re there and ask us questions in person (snacks are currency), but we’ll also be streaming it like the last AMA so you can just tune in and ask online. Bring the hardest, craziest, most skeptical questions you can think of - anything you doubt or are unsure of in regards to Eth2 is fair game, but also general questions about Nimbus, where our various integrations are, plans, and more.

To prepare, feel free to read the Two Point Oh series and also check out our dev updates so far.


slapped it on the calendar!

Reminder, this is this Thursday! Prepare heavy hitting questions!

Amazing. Where will you be streaming? Youtube?

I set a reminder for this but I have a conflicting call with Trail of Bits so I can’t make it. Hope to watch the video after it’s done!

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Cool! It will be on YouTube right? I’m offline tomorrow but would like to watch later.

We plan to stream on the Status YT channel, yes.