Noise cancelling button

Idea Name: A button to reduce the noise or NOISE CANCELLING

Description: A button that can help us to minimize the noise or background noise while sending audio messages to our loved ones.

Use case: If you’re a user, and we have this kind of button, we can lure all people to use Status because this is new and pretty interesting!

Target User: Everyone…

Why this is important: We all know that we’re in the transition of digital era and when the pandemic strikes almost 90% of the total people are working at home. I believe we can help all users most especially the lazy people who loved to send audio instead of chats, and users that want to send audio recordings. (Zoom, Skype, and google doesn’t have noise-cancelling) and people hate NOISY Background. Yes we can buy some noise-canceling headsets and microphones to reduce noises, but we don’t know if these will last long and sometimes setting up cost delayed time.

Any other comments:
If these button will happen in the future. This mustn’t free, users will buy SNT to purchase this button. (edited)

While I’m all for the Status app adding support for background noise suppression, it’s a feature that I can definitely wait for until Status implements features to work with teams.

All the companies you mentioned have implemented real-time background noise suppression in their products. You can confirm this at the links below:

This would probably be better implemented (on the UI/UX side) as a toggle/preference in the app, as opposed to a button you would also need to interact with while holding a different button to record.

May I ask why you feel that users should pay SNT for this, @kcrypto.whisperer?

That’s an optional @Chris it depends on Status team if this could be free or should pay for SNT. Thank you so much for the back up website evidence. Now I know. :smiley:

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No problem, Ken. When representing Status (especially publicly), I feel that it’s all the more important for us to be accurate about the claims that we make… so whenever I write something, I do my best to fact check myself before I submit what I’ve written if I’m not close to 100% sure that it’s correct. I’m just trying to keep us honest, and the additional reading is another opportunity for us to learn. :slight_smile: