Non-transferably chat badges and derived chat features from them

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Idea name: Non-transferable chat badges
Description: The chat key is exactly that, a public key, which means it has an associated ethereum address. We can use this to our benefit by implementing a non-transferable token standard and using that address as a way to hold them as badges.

These badges then give the ability to “show off” a certain attribute in a chat as they are scarce and more difficult to attain than something that can be bought/transferred.

By using the address derived from the chat key, we also do not expose financial data in the process of using them which is a side-effect of currently implementations. meaning if I want to show an NFT, I have to expose everything about my finances in the same account (and things linked to it). We also do not give the ability in-app to handle the chat address in the wallet (currently) so it makes it more difficult for a user to attempt to game this system.

This system can be very Status specific (meaning we can incorporate SNT if we’d like) or make it very agnostic and rally other DAPPs to use it.

Many other features can be derived from this feature as it intrinsically defines a group (a set of badges and their owners) which can facilitate special types of chat rooms. A current difficulty in implementing chat rooms that require a specific asset in a wallet is the attribution of that asset, and then guarantees that they maintain that asset throughout their time spent int he chat room (meaning someone doesn’t buy it, get in a room, then sell it and stay there).

As this is most certainly a blockchain native feature, it would also be possible to broadcast messages to badge owners (product updates anyone?) which can be subscribed to.

Use case: *As a user, I want to earn badges that are attributions to my identity so that I can show off things I’ve done to earn the them, and gain access to exclusive chats based on the badges.

Target user: anyone using chat that wants to inform those around them of an accomplishment / group they belong to

Why this is important: We currently lack the ability to do all of the things mentioned in the description, which are features that the blockchain enables and something that other products can’t offer. It gives people a reason to use Status and stay as they can receive updates and participate in groups based on a specific scarcity.

Any other comments:

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

Wow, it sounds like we could base so many new features on it!

+1 vote - because I would like to see comments from other, smarter than me, people comment on it.

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