OKR Voting proposed timeline

With Prague and OKR voting fast approaching I’d like to propose a timeline and a process.

The voting process will be a time to get feedback from people who hold SNT to signal the OKR’s that they believe we should focus on. Key to this round of voting will be participating.

To get participation the voting dapp has gone through rounds of UX feedback to make the process as understandable as possible. That said voting does not start at the election booth but on the campaign trail.

What this means for the OKR voting process is that we have to start OKR campaigning before the voting process begins.

Campaigning practically means a couple of things. Our voters, the people who hold SNT need to be aware of what the OKRs are and why they are important. A survey we sent out to community members asked the question, “ What type of decisions would you be willing to spend ETH on”, with a free form text input. Running the results into a tag cloud we get:


With this feedback in mind think about how your OKR proposal will be valuable in the eyes of an SNT holder to the extent that they are willing to pay GAS because they believe in your OKR.

From now until Prague the focus should be to refine the proposed OKR’s as much as possible. Get them clear, well documented, researched and even start the feedback process with SNT holders.

When OKR’s have been locked down by the Wednesday 31st, its time to hit the campaign trail. From Wednesday 31st Nov till Monday 5th we should be getting the word out there about our OKRs. Let the world know about the OKR’s you believe in and why they are important.

Before voting begins the best possible thing we could witness is SNT holders campaigning for an OKR. This is the goal of the campaign period.

Then from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th the polls are open and the voting commences. This means that users should have 6 days to vote and 6 days prior to be informed about the OKRs and voting process.

In the past this was not possible, but thanks to the work of @rramos we have the option of locking token balances when the poll is created but only opening the polls at a specific time. This way we avoid people moving SNT around to game the vote during the campaign period.

Just getting clarity on the timelines here, so every team/person should have their OKR’s completed by Monday 30th? Does that include the brainstorming to come up with the OKR’s?

The timeline above assumes that is the case. Baked into the assumption is that:

  • Swarms/teams will discuss and workshop OKR during the hackathon
  • Swarms/teams will discuss and write up OKR in period leading up to OKR via google hangouts/discuss posts.

The key thing regarding this timeline is that there is time before voting begins to campaign to SNT holders regarding OKRs. If this process requires more time to brainstorm that can be accommodated by moving the campaign and voting period out.

Just updated my post in accordance with Rachel timelines. Looking at 31st to begin campaigning.