Option to change the Status icon

Idea name: option to change the Status icon
Description: It would be very useful if the Status had an option to mask (change) the Status icon. This would be useful if you needed to disguise the icon so as not to reveal that the user has the Status installed on the device.
Target user: Users who need this disguise for several possible reasons. From a journalist, an activist or a woman in abused situation, or simply someone who wants to change the icon to a cute, smiling bear.

In the case of the DuckDuckGo browser application, it has a section to change the color of the icon. The idea is to be able to do this (not just the color), but in order to disguise the application on your device.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

You can create custom iOS app shortcuts with any image you want by using the Shortcuts app. I haven’t tried changing app icons on Android OS, but search engine results say that the Awesome icons app can do it easily.


yea, that’s a good point. on iOS you can rename any app and swap its icon, which is the way it should be done since it’s only known to you. Chances are whatever icons we choose to store in the app, they will become known regardless.


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