Organisational Network Analysis

As discussed in yesterday’s town hall, core contributors should just have received an email from Status PeopleOps via [email protected].

It contains a link to a survey designed to help us better understand how the organisation is
structured and the health of the connections within Status.


  • Help us understand the true organisational structure and collaboration modes that exist between us.
  • Identifies how work gets done (without relying on formal reporting lines or structure).
  • Identifies the network glue (that holds us together) as well as highlighting teams/people that might be overloaded.

It should take ~10minutes to complete. Please take a look and complete - thanks everyone!

**Looks like the email addresses you by your surname rather than firstname - sorry!


BONUS MATERIAL: If Game of Thrones is your thing - check out the Network Analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire" here.


Thanks to the 59% of you that have completed the survey - much appreciated.
Be great if everyone else can take a look and submit - thank!