Other ways to obtain SNT?

Tl;DR this is a request for ideas. How can we facilitate people obtaining SNT. Owning cryptocurrency is essential to unlock value of Status Core app. This becomes more prominent as we remove Chosen names in Chat, making it more desireable to buy an ENS name for people who want to be recognized and found in Chat (and in a transaction recipient list). What are ways Status can facilitate people obtaining SNT, next to buying.

SNT to unlock the value of Status Core app

How can we facilitate a journey that allows people to get the most out of Status?

To get the most out of Status I see 3 requirements:

  1. People need to know what the value is
  2. People need to find purpose in this value
  3. People need to have the means to unlock the value

#1 is addressed through our online presence, marketing efforts, app/play store content and our revamped onboarding.
#2 relies on our product-market fit and problem-solution fit.
#3 relies on our product design. How well do we enable people to unlock the value of Status Core app?

Chat, dapps/browser, wallet provide the basic functionality, not the value itself. To unlock the value of each, people need ETH, to unlock the value of chat, they need SNT.

Teller Network will help people buy ETH, SNT and other cryptocurrencies. How else can we help people obtain SNT?

Please expand with your ideas

Earn, win, collect, ask

  • SNT reactions in chat
  • Bug reports
  • Competitions/hunts
  • Sell (TTT is a great way of monetizing/selling attention, but requires ETH and SNT to set if I’m not mistaken)
  • …

_a) I’m mostly thinking of novice users. Advanced users will likely own crypto already that they can convert. We might only want to point them to an exchange post-onboarding, dap.ps already makes this pretty straightforward. _
b) Focusing on SNT, as we might we can potentially use one of @3esmit 's magical contracts to allow buying ENS with SNT only.

I think gas relaying is an excellent opportunity here as it will help us onboard users into Status itself (i.e. help Status and earn), and will make users stick around as users of the app.

I think we could also incentivize curation of dapps and tokens.

Supporting various events like Blocksplit and Blockconf also helps for several reasons:

  1. We organize a tokenhunt on each event where several dozen people actively use Status to treasure hunt around town. Rewards can be SNT, too. Up until now it was physical tokens (CryptoKaiju) and Ether.

  2. If we connect Status to a plasma or xDAI sidechain like we did at Blocksplit, you essentially get gasless SNT transfers (on the sidechain), letting SNT power the local mini-economy.

  3. Rewards at events. Example: Quadratic networking at an event. The more people you meet and exchange your ticket NFT with, the higher the final SNT payout when the leaderboard is finalized. Encourages networking and actively seeking people out while adding financial incentive and dissemination of SNT.

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Cc @jonny_z as these are excellent event related ideas.

Thanks for sharing this.

Re events - yes they are a great way to distribute SNT to people as seen at blockconf and EthDenver (and even our hackathon if we go way back). We also have some plans to distribute SNT in Korea. Whenever we attend an event, there should be some sort of campaign or activity which requires SNT (which we are doing). We are also discussing plans now for some Teller network pilots at event in which we can really push distribution.

Outside of events, we need to figure out a way to scale this. It is difficult at the moment to avoid bots and fraud. However, there are still things we can do at a smaller scale:

  • Specific SNT Utility Campaigns: we can create content around individual features and drive to a specific Status channel where ambassadors or cc’s manually give newcomers a little bit of SNT to test out the feature.
  • Community Competitions in which we reward all participants with some SNT
  • Non Technical Bounties (bounties network) to onboard new users by giving a friend some SNT via a status chat
  • Local Community Groups and community ambassadors become responsible for onbaording new users with SNT. If we think of the Dash community - local leads are incentivized for growing their own local communities.

These are all things we can do, we just need to prioritize and put together a plan. We have plans for upcoming events. I think next best step is specific campaigns around SNT Utility Features.


Picking this back up as we now have 2 events coming up. We will not have a major “marketing presence” at either but will have some representation.

Unicef SURGE Hackathon and Learning Day in Bangkok - collaborating with OmiseGo to host a day of workshops and education sessions followed by a hackathon and more workshops to ~100 developers.

@emizzle will be presenting Embark and @gravityblast will be presenting Keycard. We will also be distributing keycards to the hackers. Considering quick turn around i propse the following initiatives:

  • Create a Status Public Channel (#surge-bkk) and promote from our, OmiseGo, Unicef Innovate channels. Encourage people to install Status ahead of the event and partake in the chat. Incentivize by giving SNT to people who ping us in the public channel. Can give 10 SNT for an ENS name.
  • Create a bounty via Bounties Network and reward attendees to share their ENS address on social and encourage others to join them. Can reward ~$3-$5 worth of SNT
  • Prove that you use embark in your hackathon project? Reward ~$5-$10 worth of SNT @iurimatias @PascalPrecht ?
  • Create an unboxing video and share to social of keycard post event. Reward $3-$5 wroth of SNT

Any other ideas on short timing? @Bruno - how did your “Status Scavenger Hunt” work?

EthCon Korea @Jinho will be presenting whisper, secure communication and Status to ~300 developers. We will have a booth with some Status branded material (banner, some stickers, and keycards). The plan is as follows:

  • Coordinate with event organizers to promote Status public channel #ethcon-korea and invite people to install Status ahead of event for news and updates.
  • Encourage people to register an ENS name. Come to our booth at the event and have them prove that they have registered an ENS name (or simply sign them up on the spot). Once they have an ENS name - give them a keycard

Considering this audience is more technically inclinded, we can perhaps invite them to do more? Thoughts? (keeping mind this event is in less than 3 weeks)


@jonathan here is an explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT0cxw12Nus

The hunt failed at Blocksplit because of this bug but worked like a charm at the conference in the video above.

In order to make it work even outside of Status, ethers.js would be the logical choice and a native QR code reader instead of the one from web3.js would be better. The one from web3js also doesn’t have the ability to turn on flash, so people were freezing in the darkness trying to QR a code in pitch black snowstorms :smiley:

@rramos What do you think about the idea to provide event organizers with their own version of the kudos DApp on a seperate domain with a separate registry?

@jonathan Status could maybe fund SNT to hackaton participants which they can use to send kudos to other participants.

Another option for events that I imagine takes more effort to set up is a combination of the kudos DApp and the Voting DApp. Funding participants with a budget not to send kudos, but to vote on hacking projects.

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@hester Deploying the kudos and the voting DApp in a different domain and with different contracts shouldn’t take much effort. Probably it’s a good idea to improve the documentation for performing these deployments for both of these projects. :thinking:

Any estimated dates for when this is required?

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Just an idea for now. @jonathan will know if and for what event this works best. Probably needs an ambassador to keep track of registrations. Thanks for sharing what it would take to set up! To be continued…

Another approach I think would be useful to the value of SNT and its utility across events and e-commerce integrations: layer 2.

At Blocksplit this year, we tweaked Austin Griffith’s burner wallet, created SunDAI (a version of DAI) and put it onto Leapdao’s plasma chain. This allowed us to not only distribute plasma-enabled wallets at the event for people to use for commerce, but also let them pay for stuff with little to no fees, all paid in the token itself rather than Ether. This was a tremendous success for adoption as you can read here and we’re planning bigger and better implementations for future events. Because we hardcoded the URL of the provider for the plasma chain into the burner wallet, it worked perfectly well inside a regular browser, but also in any web3 enabled browser like Status - it uses the wallet it detects for signing stuff, but interacts with whatever chain is hardcoded in the provider. Pretty cool.

My suggestion is to consider putting SNT onto a plasma chain and using it at events that way. Remove the gas barrier until metatransactions are in the app.


love the idea of a Kudos DApp for events. Both Unicef and Ethcon events are happening this week so unlikely we will implement there.

I will have a look at the events calendar and find one we can test this out. At the very latest, EthBerlin is in August (but id like to try this out sooner).