Overview Diagram: Mobile app communication flow from front-end to back-end

In my continuing attempt to diagram things in Status, here is the next one. It is a diagram of how the mobile app communicates with itself (front-end to back-end comms) based on various types of behavior.

I would love feedback on how it could be better, any inconsistencies or details that are missing (no detail is too small!).

You can right-click on that to see an enlarged version, or go to this link to see it in Miro. Comments are also available in Miro (which I prefer) but can also be made here.


Looking good! Would it be possible to use a more editable / source code format? After some experimentation (hackmd native ones didn’t cut it) we ended up with mscgen, a CLI tool, for Vac, which works surprisingly well for sequence diagrams in particular. See GitHub - vacp2p/rfc: Modular p2p messaging stack, with a focus on secure messaging. and https://github.com/vacp2p/specs/blob/master/mvds.md#interactive-mode for examples Then you can annotate each longer text with numbers and explain below.

I think this would aid with keeping these up to date, as historically we’ve seen image diagrams being write-once and not kept up to date.

Looks good!

One more flow which we can distinguish is calling JSON-RPC methods from status-react which are handled by status-go or forwarded by status-go to Infura. This mechanism uses what you already have on the graph but I think it’s still worth to distinguish it.

So this would be encapsulated by the “special user interaction” part? Or does it work differently?

Could add some detail there that mentioned external parties like infura or RPC as a separate case because we use that quite a bit.

I’ll look into these and see how converting current diagrams over to this would work. I would like more contribution and upkeep, but I also really like the Miro platform for this.

I’m willing to ditch it if it means people’s contribution though.