Peakon Engagement Survey Results - September 2021

Hi all - it’s been a while! Sorry for the delay in sharing this report.

The last engagement survey ran Sep 8, 2021 - Sep 21, 2021.

  • Our engagement score is still higher than your typical tech company:

  • We’ve heard some comments about the survey being too long to complete, since we changed the frequency from biweekly to quarterly early this year. The response rate data is showing signals of that too - while still being at a higher level than in 2020:

However - we know it’s hard to find the perfect spot. We’ll switch the frequency again - this time to once a month - and keep monitoring rates and listen to your feedback until we strike the right balance. As of November, we’re changing the frequency to monthly - which should lower the time to complete:

  • Our general scores have kept steadily growing over time:

  • Amongst the things that could be better, we see signals with regards to peer relationships and communication. Our inability to have met in person since the pandemic started, and the faster growth we’ve been achieving this year both have an effect on these figures:

    Amongst the actions we can take to improve these parts of your experience, organising opportunities to travel together (as a whole team or in smaller subsets) is still a priority. I don’t have an answer on how we will handle this yet - as we’re still strapped for resources internally, we might ask for external support in the form of freelance help or dedicated providers.

  • The other priority is that each team lead consistently checks their Engagement dashboard, and reads the comments of their team members/ understands team sentiment through their aggregated scores. I’m not sure what level of comfort everyone has with Peakon: please feel free to ping me if you’d like to go through your team together, and to have some support in creating actions out of the data you can see.

  • In terms of areas where we’re doing particularly well as an organisation:

  • As I read through the comments, I saw several referencing ‘their previous comment’. Please note that Peakon cares about privacy too :slight_smile: . Responses are presented individually, with no link to the full survey of one individual respondent - so it isn’t possible to reference back.

  • A few of you have outlined important concerns, so I would like to encourage you to ping me, Terry, or your team lead/mentor to bring them into light, and work together on solutions.

Thanks for your attention - let us know if you have any questions at all.