Peakon engagement surveys

Problem statement:

  • It would be useful to get a more regular and timely pulse on how people are doing. Why? We’re all busy, working remotely - good feedback doesn’t always get a chance to bubble up. It’s a small team of incredibly valuable people - we want to make sure everyone is heard.
  • Big bang quarterly engagement surveys take time and effort on both the sender and respondent side, the feedback can get outdated quickly. We’ve opted for DIY surveys in the past that have been free of cost (good) but aren’t super engaging (bad).


  • Try Peakon, a weekly pulse survey platform that asks NPS questions. You’ll get an email with a quick-click survey every week.
  • After the first run of the survey, we’ll share the outcome, and see if the data gathered is helpful and worth the investment.

I scheduled a survey to go out tomorrow to give this a whirl. I did some basic configuration on the survey but there is plenty more than can be done to tailor it, so consider it a WIP. Would be great if you could answer the questions, and drop any feedback you have on the tool here.

Cheers! C


Thanks everyone for getting involved! Here’s a look at how we did on the survey so far this week. We’re currently tracking well relative to the benchmark for a tech workplace in both engagement score and NPS. These scores are still medium-level of reliability due to the 38% participation rate, so the more of you that answer, the more we can be assured the data is accurate and representative.

From Monday onwards the cadence gets reset to Mondays (it’s the default system recommendation). There’s loads of cool functionality in the tool like reviewing the comments you’ve shared and acknowledging them with a comment, so that you know we’ve read them and we’re working on a response. More to come on what we’ll do with this data, the process is still a work in progress.

Full dashboard here.

Questions? Lmk! Cheers, c.