Personal Security Week is now Security Month!

Ok, so security week has turned into Security month, and MyCrypto is leading the way with this. We are going to follow and participate.

I spend a lot of time talking with their team about these things, and they are the original creators of the checklist referenced in the original security week post.

So here’s the deal. They are doing an actionable personal security tip each day of December, with mini guides on how to make your personal practices more robust. These are broken up from the massive checklist they already created so they are not too daunting.

We will follow the tips they tweet, and do them ourselves. If you have problems / comments / concerns / suggestions / etc around a given tip, or just need help getting it done, then you can write to:

There will be no judgement in either of those places. They are for getting help and resolving issues.

This should get us to a good start across the company in a way that is digestible, which then will be supplemented each subsequent week through guides we write on other topics that I/we feel are important.

It is encouraged to share and tweet out these tips, as they help anyone on the internet, not just Status.

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OK, so what I’ve done is re-organised the site structure a little to take into account a number of things.

  1. @Chad I have been through the wiki archive and - apart from a few articles I noted in other discuss threads (and the Chinese stuff) - I don’t think there’s anything there worth pulling across, except for the PM guide - so I did that:
    Could you take a look and update there if necessary? Anyone else is, of course, more than welcome to rescue other content I may have missed.
  2. I added a Security Month guide for you @petty based on this post and the other. Please feel free to keep it up to date with latest changes and also to take good care of your route: Status - Security
  3. I moved some other stuff around because Jarrad noted that it wasn’t really a tutorial and I tend to agree. It would be awesome to see each relevant team put up their own guides for contributing and for our community (cc @Hutch @ShawnS and advocacy) to put together an awesome User Guide (maybe even some videos?) there for the app itself.

Having guides and tutorials as their own things allows a neat separation of concerns based on the intended audience for a technical document: is it the wider community using our tools (then tutorial) or is it a closer community actually building those tools everyone else uses (then guide).


If I understood correctly, this starts today, is that right? Where do we follow along? Cheers!

it actually started with the first tip yesterday, and Status was the sponsor. You can follow the tips at

and they asked me not to share much until they officially announced things so there wasn’t much lead time.