Plug and play status node

This Redditor frequently experiments with minimum-viable-hardware to run ethereum nodes, something I’ve passionately explored for a while now. His latest experiment is an up to date NanoPC-T4 with Status pre-installed and configured for mailserver and whisper mode.

More info: Reddit - Dive into anything


I love this! I want to build one right meow, figure out how to create tutorials on this and incentivize our community to build them themselves.

Current status:

  currentBlock: 7244620,
  highestBlock: 7244689,
  knownStates: 245575244,
  pulledStates: 245549202,
  startingBlock: 7237268

Should be synced in a few days and then I’ll be able to document the process of getting Status to run on it. One is already running a node for, our local Goerli testnet, it’s just the mainnet that’s taking forever. I encourage you to give it a go @petty - total cost per device is 250 euro with shipping, which is nothing for a full node that can run until PoW has run its course and much better than an alternative like The decentralization perks this setup offers are amazing.

Once Status has relaying, I can see this taking off as a Status-staker, too.

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It’s been put on my budget sheet to purchase. I may try something similar on a spare old laptop I have lying around.

Tutorial is now in draft here:

Feedback welcome @petty @oskarth

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