Post-beta wallet and transact via chat on 9.22 user test findings

Hi everyone!

The Status UXR team recently completed another round of tests for post-beta wallet transaction designs and transactions via chat in 0.9.22. We’re excited to share our findings with the rest of the community. Included below is a brief summary of the study and link to the findings.

In particular, we’re hoping to use these findings as a discussion guide towards our next prototype designs and quick wins and priority areas we should tackle. So, we would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on these points! Our next steps will be further working with the UX/wallet team to flesh out viable designs that address this feedback.

Our Objective
Get an overall sense of the UX for send/receive in our post-beta wallet transaction prototype and transactions via chat in 0.9.22 to identify areas of improvement. Here’s a link to the findings.

The TL:DR is:

Overall users find the prototype and app easy to use when it comes to send/receive transactions. However, certain UI/copy changes should be made to address confusion regarding the purpose of the transaction phrase and highlighting the importance of backing up seed phrase.

A prioritized list of areas of improvement include (no particular order yet):

  • Communicate utility of TX phrase clearly
  • Use clearly differentiated TX emojis
  • Highlight importance of backing up seed phrase earlier on
  • make next actionable steps clear if emojis incorrect
  • Add a convert tool (fiat → ETH) so users can easily when sending/requesting crypto via chat

This is based on our qualitative feedback from people that these areas seem to be the biggest blockers to their general understanding or task completion.

A more exhaustive list of potential areas of improvement is listed in on slide 4 linked here

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