Prague Hackathon – Build Your Own Rocket with Embark


For our Hackathon in Prague, the Status ‘Makers’ space will collaborate with Jessica Angel and invite willing participants to stop by and buidl something with us. We believe that this should be rewarding in a short time frame and have the possibility for an unexpected surprise later.


We see this as an opportunity to use our own platforms and ideas for expression while building in parallel with our principles. And just doing things that would generally make people smile, right?

We propose to build a rocket with Embark. Actually, we encourage everyone to create their own rocket.

Using Embark, we would like to build (ourselves or live) a DApp that allows users to generate their own collectible rocket. See Robohash

The ‘x’ variations of ‘sets’ we can design ourselves, generate or collaborate to build them within a framework. A simple pixel structure may just do the trick. (see reference below)

For the long term, using this geometric frame work of the ‘pixel rocket’ could allow us to 3D print the unique designs creating a collectible sculpture. This could also be offered on a larger scale in collaboration with SuperRare?

Lift Off!

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Currently, we had a module reserved on the Hackathon website for a ‘drawing’ or ‘coloring’ in pixels, we could use this for participants to start creating abstractly the visual language for each rocket module. Periodically leading up to the event we could alternate the templates in which users can ‘color’ on the website giving us more possible combinations. @barry

These also can be documented and displayed as a set with Jessica Angel later for the Vancover Public Biennale. Alternatively, we could 3D print the highest valued or most popular ‘rocket’ as a sculpture and auction it off.

Here are also some tests I created with GIFs, I have divided the rockets in 3 parts
on a 50x50 pixel grid. We can create ‘x’ variations within the top, middle and bottom of the
rocket and 3 different card borders. We can also discuss creating a limited amount of these or
the possibility of them ‘crashing’ into one another and creating new variations.


Me and Ned had a discussion and we brought the following points as ideas to what we want to build.

  • Participation in drawing requires paying SNT to draw.
  • Redraw of pixel is possible if paying higher SNT value, old participant is refunded.
  • When drawing is finalized, each pixel generates a ERC721 token with the final artwork and the amount used to draw the pixed locked in the ERC721
  • ERC721 can be destroyed to unlock the SNT

As for scalability, we would need to research how to use state channels to build this dapp, so participants can join once with the amount SNT they want to play, and further actions dont require transacions, only signed messages.