Preparing for Status v1 - Breaking Changes & How to Prepare

Status v1 will be incompatible with beta versions of the app.

Here’s what all users need to know ahead of v1:

  1. You will have to delete your previous version of Status before installing version 1. We’ve made some changes to the storage of app state, removing the database we used previously. If you don’t install v1 from scratch, your app will be slower to load and you may experience unanticipated conflicts or bugs.
  2. When you install v1, you will get a brand new chat key. The chat key—previously contact code —is your connection to other users in Status chat.
  3. You can recover an existing Ethereum address—or ‘wallet’—by using your seed phrase. When you onboard, you will have the option to access an existing Ethereum address, but you need your 12 word seed phrase to do so. Regardless, you will receive a new chat key.
  4. If you don’t have your seed phrase, you need to move your funds to a secure wallet before installing v1. If you switch to v1 without your seed phrase, you will be unable to access your funds in Status on that device. Any ENS names purchased with that Ethereum address will also be unrecoverable!
  5. Beta versions will not communicate with v1. Protocol improvements mean that the two clients can not chat with each other, so to stay fresh, we recommend that all users install v1 when it becomes available.

In beta versions of Status, your Ethereum key is connected to your chat key. This is not ideal from a privacy perspective. Imagine that anyone in your Telegram groups could view the balance of your checking account.

With our new account structure, we decouple the chat key (used for communicating) from the Ethereum address (used for transacting). Now, you will only share your Ethereum address with other users if you do so explicitly by sending it to them or offering your QR code.

You can create more Ethereum addresses and manage them all from the same Status wallet; addresses are never shared by default, so you have additional control over your exposure.

So, to reiterate:

In preparation for v1, we ask that you back up your 12 word seed phrase for any Status accounts with funds in them, or with ENS names registered to them.

If you have lost your seed phrase, please transfer your funds to another secure account—the sooner the better!

When v1 becomes available, we’ll remind you again to delete your previous version of the app and install v1 from scratch.

We do NOT intend to make significant breaking changes like this in the future. It was only after much consideration, debate and community input that we achieved consensus to go ahead with the major infrastructural upgrades that now require your action, and which make v1 a clean slate upon which we can build a better product.

If you have any questions please ask in this thread. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need further assistance, please join us in Status OR Discord


You will also be able to manage ENS names in v1. Check out this blog post for detailed instructions on how to:

  • Reclaim existing names
  • Register a new stateofus.eth name
  • Release an old stateofus.eth name

If you were affected by the auto update to Android last week, we may be able to help. Contact us before making any changes. Do NOT delete the app. Do NOT clear chache or data. We are here to help!

Also - if you created your account/seed phrase before March 2018, you MUST move funds to a new account, because your old account was generated with a deprecated algorithm and no wallet app will recover it.

For any and all support, please join us in the Discord channel Support

Your data is only available on your device. Status does not have access to your information. So please be mindful of these instructions and protect your funds.

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Status v1 is now live for iOS and Android:

Download Status for iOS

Download Status for Android

Download APK