Privacy features question

I’m assessing Status Wallet and Messaging app in regard to security.
I would like to know or get in contact with the team building it.

Here are a few questions:

  1. What type of tracking is done by the mobile apps? Such as IP, location etc?
  2. Encryption and backend decentralization: are message e-to-e encrypted? is the backend using Waku?
    3- Uptime: is the infra enterprise grade, meaning 99.99% uptime SLA?

Feature request:

  • Since Status and Logosare focusing on the Web3 “nation”. I think a great Feature would be “1-click war woom”. A pager-duty-like feature in the dapp (through a SaaS business model using SNT or other payment) so that the mobile phone can make the phone ring (no matter which not-disturb setting the user has) and create a war room chat group with the ppl that have been notified. This could be great for DEFI team.

Thanks a lot, happy to discuss here or in DMs

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