Private key access and backup

I want to add my private key to a paper wallet. How do I access and backup my private key from the Status app?

When you create a new account, Status app gives you an option to backup your seed phrase. This can be found under the “Profile” tab (you should see a notification count on that tab when you create a new account).

Heads up: This seed phrase is displayed only once, so make sure you write it before closing. The app will display sufficient warnings :slight_smile:

Yes, I have my seed phrase. I want to view and backup the actual hex private key (which I believe is stored locally as keystore json file).

I need private key to recover my assets I deposited to my wallet in BEP-20 by mistake :frowning: can anyone help?

You can generate your private key using the seed phrase. You can also delegate this task to a wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens.

They keystore file is encrypted. You’d need to generate the key manually (or know enough geth to decrypt the keystore).

Is seed phrase understandable to other wallets?
Where I can find the keystore file?

I used Trust Wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens .It recover my wallet but I couldnt recover my assets. This is my transaction

  • The seed phrase should work with most wallets
  • The keystore file is in the app storage directory. I don’t know how to access that director. It depends on the phone. The app directory has folders for each account. They keystores are saved in this folder. But these are encrypted to your app password or biometric.

Re: txn
Do you see an account with the same public key ? (the public key your received your transaction too) or a different account?