Product planning updates

It’s been a while since the latest update on product planning!

One thing is for sure, the team has been doing reps working towards upcoming releases and they’re crushing it. Every week @iurimatias @andre @guylouis and I get together to take pulse, see where we are at and plan next steps.

We’ll start sharing a weekly update here for anyone else to keep up.

Weekly update dd May 18

Progress highlights

  • :newspaper: Desktop team is analyzing, testing, getting packages in order and understanding threading (performance win!) using Nim + Qt; react-native-desktop path is still worked on in parallel

  • :bell: Notifications and Keycard integration (both Android) are key for the upcoming Mobile release. Please take Nightly for a spin to see the latest on this, report issues and keep an :eye: out for Keycard PR’s

  • :mag: Mobile team is looking ahead at a fixes release 1.4.1. Kind request to the Core team: please check these 9 unassigned issues to see if there’s anything you can pick up outside of feature work Zenhub | Productivity Management for Software Teams

  • :rocket: Starterpack, Referrals and image sending are still scoped for release 1.5. Exploring if we can upgrade the sharing experience with compressed keys, group chat links and QR code saving and sharing

  • :crossed_fingers: Keycard is getting ready for it’s integration with Status release on Android, with support of @yenda. Release cut is planned for end of this week.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Keycard team is now looking into Layer2 solutions for payment network


Taking baby steps in transitioning to a decentralized model; We’ll start with increasing transparency on the latest in product development by sharing these takeaways on Discuss


As always, any dates are to be taken with a massive grain of salt. The linked chart shows the rough sequence of implementation for a 2-3 month timeframe. That’s all.|IEZDMOBYGQYTMLSTHA


New week, new update:

  • Desktop has a lot happening. Iuri showed a quick demo including public chats, sending tx, configuring mailserver settings and more
  • Discussed communication on development by the desktop team. Most detailed is the repo: GitHub - status-im/status-desktop: Status Desktop client made in Nim & QML
  • Keycard integration is heading down the home stretch with 2 outstanding issues
  • Keycard team is also finalizing their contract with LeapDAO to design a layer 2 solution for Status Pay and are looking to create a release ready version of the redeem dapp
  • While Andre is enjoying a well-deserved vacation status not too many Core updates beyond upcoming releases. Keycard is coming. And who knows what else might drop from the sky :wink:
  • Governance is awaiting while Desktop is finding its ground. For now there is the proposal to move feature requests to Discuss:

Roadmap Timeline Snapshot
Monday music


:calendar_spiral: Keycard integration on Android is close to finished. Launch expected in week 25
:desktop: There’s a lot of progress on desktop, both using react-native desktop and status-nim
:mag: Core team resolved one blocker for release. This was a crash on Android 9 due to ‘inline require’ applied to all translation files
:camera_with_flash: Images have been merged! Introduction will be in release 1.5, such that messages received on the, at that time older, version 1.4 can handle handling images appropriately
:bell: Notifications on iOS are top of mind with an ongoing post on Discuss
:waxing_crescent_moon: Metrics are very much in line with low tide in terms of comms. No major changes. Acquisition, retention and active use are still all areas of opportunity

Roadmap Timeline Snapshot

:mega: Feature requests

Please note that there is now a Feature request category. The category has a list of subcategories and tags that correspond with high level projects in our project planning tools. We’ll slowly work to organize features in this category. This allows us to better manage incoming requests as well as allow voting for and discussion of new features.


:newspaper2: Weekly update

  • Keycard Android integration has no more blockers, ready for release next week Tue/Wed
  • Keycard team is aligning on understanding optimistic rollups for Status Pay, working with LeapDAO. L2 Kick-off workshop is planned for Friday in Status calendar and open to participation
  • To remove bus factor Core team is rotating people working on Keycard, next individual TBD. Main prio Keycard reset
  • Desktop team completed a lot of work on Wallet and improved message ordering on chat. Currently working on Profile among other things. All work is captured in nim-status-client repo GitHub - status-im/status-desktop: Status Desktop client made in Nim & QML
  • There’s been a jump in Android installs over last week compared to installs in the 2 weeks before that. Peak peers went up accordingly to max 99 over the last 7 days

Roadmap Timeline Snapshot


Weekly update

Release of 1.4 has been moved to June 22nd. A little bummed out, but such is life. Integrating Keycard is a major step to help people keep their funds safe at a reasonable price (€29). It’s also a stepping stone to offer exciting features in the works, such as Keycard Pay and onboarding through Keycard redeem. To bring awareness to this work we rely on news outlets and have to accommodate their schedule

  • This :point_up_2: news came in Tuesday afternoon so was not discussed on Monday
  • Collaboration with Keycard team and LeapDao has started to design the architecture for Keycard Pay. Next to optimistic rollups, eyes are on zk rollups, and a hybrid combination with state channels
  • Desktop is far along with their MVP work on Chat and Wallet. Next 1-2 weeks will focus on bugfixes and getting UI designs right.
  • Desktop has a working version (dmg) on mac; Windows works as well, but needs notarization (certificate)
  • Core is working on 1.4.1 fixes release with bugs prioritized here
  • iOS notifications are in progress, see discussion here:

Roadmap: Timeline Snapshot

Missing features on the roadmap? Please create a feature request and be sure to get votes on it!


Thanks @hester - the roadmap is really useful for understanding the overall direction that Status is heading in. Exciting!


:newspaper2: Weekly update

Sorry I skipped last week!

  • Keycard sold 53 Keycard since Tuesday night. Getting orders and site views daily
  • Core will focus on acquisition and retention features; Prioritized features for Keycard paused. Key management issues addressed separately
  • StatusPay design has been discussed in strategy call. Focus is on delivering in the next 3-5 months, which likely means using optimistic rollups. Maturity of technology and teamsize are relevant factors
  • Desktop has a dmg on Discuss for testing purposes. Will focus on Chat feature parity and releasing sooner rather than later. Planning release roughly every Friday, all alpha and for testing purposes.
  • For Core QA is testing 1.4.1 improvements release. 1.5 is on track, but needs follow up on mentions as this required a different approach than followed in the last PR. For 1.6, rework is needed to find a solution for large publishers to promote Status while retaining privacy

Roadmap Timeline Snapshot


Are we rolling our own rollup? Or working with something like LoopringPay? Still tbd?

Probably best answered by @guylouis

This is still tbd, but ideally we want to deploy our own rollup. We might have to take some tradeoffs to have something ready in the coming 3-5 months, and this is what we’re evaluating now, as well as which existing open source implementation we should rather base our efforts on e.g. optimism, arbitrum, nutberry

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Weekly update dose :apple:

  • Keycard and Status Pay updates similar to Townhall share. Cards underway, better insight when people start receiving them
  • Many different design challenges for Status Pay (e.g. validator incentivization, finality). The team can use input from Layer 2-versed core contributors
  • Release 1.4.1 is in store review, will follow 1.x for improvement versioning going forward (
  • Emojis, Mentions and Audio sounds are all in progress as are Notifications on iOS and Referral program, backend services deployed to staging today
  • Need to start focus on anti-spam mechanisms post release 1.6. Start collating existing ideas to effectively discuss
  • Desktop has a range of updates implemented, most significantly syncing devices is almost ready as is a Windows build
  • Stimbus project will have more updates tomorrow. Shim seems to be working to send messages/receive signals

Roadmap Timeline Snapshot

Please keep in mind when reading the roadmap that dates are indicative and used for product development. Generally speaking additional days to weeks are required to ensure quality and prepare communication based on final implementation.


New update :newspaper_roll:

  • Release 1.5 has hit a delay due to competing resource demands; the team is working hard to make a release cut for thorough testing as soon as Emoji reactions PR’s have been tested and merged
  • Remaining focus has been on metrics and referral program
  • Waku implementation in Status Mobile will be owned by Vac
  • There will be a roadmap planning workshop next week, see this Discuss post by @andre
  • Desktop has a bunch of new features implemented for chat parity (stickers support, notifications, receiving images, etc. Packaging on Windows is done!) Also working on Emoji reactions, going by the latest spec although the PR is still open
  • Stimbus is currently used on Desktop; use on Status Mobile (status-react integration) would be a good parallel step, looked into

Roadmap: this time around a spreadsheet view that looks at prioritization as input for a roadmapping workshop. Work in progress, still adding features that have come up in Feature request category, Github and Feature request form (no longer used)

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Weekly update!

Quoting @andre :

“Don’t forget to drink water and get sun. You’re basically a house plant with anxiety.”

Enjoy your week everyone :sunny:

  • No updates on Keycard, Desktop and Stimbus as Guy-Louis and Iuri are both out. For those who missed it though, Desktop alpha is now also available on Windows:
  • Core Mobile had a roadmapping workshop today. Those who couldn’t attend can still vote here till ca. 8am CET Upgrade your browser version
  • Next steps for the coming two weeks are a review by the Core team, functional specs, in collaboration with Marketing, and implementation specs
  • Emojis have proven to be a challenge for v1.5 release. Turns out propagating reactions through a gossip network is not easy :nerd:. Status-go implementation is making progress and we’re counting on the front-end updates to be relatively straightforward after that
  • Referral program is planned to release right after and is technically on it’s feet and in QA testing. Contract edits are in progress to support partnerships (other projects onboarding their audience to their dapp and token through the referral program)
  • See how we’re doing on retention below and on We had relatively good retention last week Monday, with ca. 30% still using the app on day 7. Numbers did go down by more than half after that, but it’s promising to see there is movement

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Newsflash :fireworks:

  • 1.5 had been submitted, reviewed and approved. Ready to publish
  • Gas cost is a barrier for the referral program. Cost per acquisition is 50 times higher.
  • Looking for ways to lower cost through contract changes, and more conservative roll-out to experiment with impact on retention first
  • Now that delete multi account is possible, next step for Keycard integration will be to move an existing Status account to Keycard. Pending design and implementation resources
  • Status Pay is running smart contract wallet on a Nutberry L2 instance. Next steps are to document, compare and work on consensus design and gas economics
  • Correction on daily cohort retention metric, see below. No relative difference, absolute has gone down as the calculation now only includes everyone who was a peer for the first time, sticking around for subsequent days
  • Projects that came out of roadmap planning workshop are kicking off this week. Check out the Status calendar and see where you’d like to be involved

Roadmap update will follow soon. Promise.


To our core developers and designers

I know you all get a lot of requests come at you these days. This is not necessarily a new thing and I know you’re used to it. Still I’d like to point out some priorities to make it easier for you to decline and focus. Yes, also when the request comes from me.

For anyone else, hopefully this highlevel view informs you of what the Core Mobile and Desktop team are working on and why some requests are not immediately acted on.

  1. Previously planned and in progress feature development
    • Mentions
    • Group chat invites
    • Notifications on iOS
    • Referral program
    • Desktop iteration work
    • Stimbus
  2. Retention feature development
  3. Bugs/preventing technical debt (see spreadsheet with prioritized bugs)
  4. Feature and other UI/UX improvements (‘V2’ of recent implementations)
    • Notifications Android, Images, Mentions, Keycard
  5. Future features
    • Disappearing messages, anonymous chat, multipart attachment, channel discovery

It’s ok to pivot. Fortunately we’re still learning every day. Through feedback in the app and conversations with people in the Ethereum community here. Thank you @jonathan.

If something new comes up that carries you away from 1 and 2, please share here or ping @andre, @iurimatias or myself so we can discuss how to manage risk of not delivering. If you’re asked to work on xyz, and it is too much a distraction for you to work on 1, 2. Say no, ask why, raise the issue here.

We’re in dynamic times. None of us has a crystal ball. Things change.

About the top 5 features

All kick-off calls have happened. Please note that you are expected to self-organize. If you were involved in a kick-off call for one of the top 5 features, please make sure you have updated the respective Github issue by Tuesday addressing these points:

  • Next steps (who will do what)
  • Communication plan (where will you discuss, how often, please keep calls in Status calendar for others to join)
  • Draft implementation spec by Wednesday next week feasible? (yes/no, if not, what is blocking)
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Product planning update :newspaper:

  • Release 1.5 was shipped last week. Reception has been good! Seeing growth, not least thanks to support from key figures on Twitter. Not seeing a clear impact on retention yet, we’ll likely need to give this a bit more time. If anything there seems to be a minor drop in retention, likely related to reaching a broader audience
  • Referral program will go out in phases: Start use with advertisers and influencers in 1.6, roll out 1:1 referral invites in 1.7; Launched in coordination with DefiPulse
  • Retention features that came out of roadmap planning workshop have kicked off; any output as well as features in progress (Notifications iOS, Mentions, and Group chat invite links) will come out when ready
  • Desktop has a few tasks left to reach chat feature parity
  • Stimbus is temporarily on a slow burn while some people are out. A next step is to integrate nim-waku
  • Desktop team is experimenting with O2 (Optimized Optimistic Rollup), will align with Keycard team
  • For Keycard integration in Status, it’s clear that the top feature to implement is moving an existing multiaccount to Keycard
  • Other work by the Keycard team includes various business development calls and work on a Devcon Improvement Proposal
  • From the Marketing side data shows high traffic peaks that don’t seem to translate to installs; Conversion and retention both need attention

Update of last week

  • 1.6 was published last Monday, and publicly announced this Monday. Reason for this was to allow for time to test pass-through of referral urls of the referral program
  • Part of the referral program is essentially an install attribution framework. Unfortunately, we could only fully test the implementation of this framework if install through Play Store was possible
  • Release 1.6 was announced and published on the App store when we were confident that the framework works as designed
  • Tuesday release 1.6.1 was submitted for review. Available on Play store and App store now. This release includes a mitigation against spam that started appearing in public chats on Sunday
  • Meanwhile various people are focusing on long term mitigation strategies
  • Release 1.7 is planned as a feature release, in contrast to 1:1 invites of the referral program as was communicated earlier. Reason being that high and variable gas prices have thrown planning for the program of course. Independent from release 1.7, 1:1 invites through the referral program will be limited available, for experimentation only
  • Progress for the feature release (1.7) is very much in motion. In scope at this time are local contact names, mentions, push notifications on iOS, and group chat invite links.
  • Desktop team is starting it’s last mile for a wider ‘use-at-your-own-risk’ Beta release
  • Keycard team is making progress with an L2 solution build on Optimism; We’re monitoring how to best support speed of development of this effort
  • A collaboration has started with Snapshot to run Waku to relay voting signatures and thereby make the dapp more trustless. This can eventually be extended by a contract to submit merkle roots for on chain voting. It’s a case study

This week’s update :mega:

  • Core team has all features scoped for release 1.7 merged. As especially Notifications, Mentions and local nicknames depend on each other they are now tested as an orchestra in nightly
  • Prime focus has been and will be on spam prevention. Scoped work for the next 2 weeks is a stepping stone to community chats and will experiment with setting rules for a public chat such as ‘ENS name only’, to require an ENS name in order to write to the chat. Other work includes local notifications and profile images/display names
  • Desktop is now looking at Wallet parity as chat features like stickers rely on wallet use. In terms of basic features, everything works and Desktop is ready for Beta. Looking to speed up notarization, which particularly for Windows might be a lengthy process
  • Whether and how to include a browser in a future release is still under discussion
  • Stimbus is moving along; integration with react is taking time. More API’s have been added in the meantime as well as a test suite and Nim sequal cipher to ease migration from status-go
    Looking for feedback on extensions
  • L2 development had a first shared iteration with Iuri and Rramos working on this for 80% of their time in the coming weeks. Exploring an O2 solution while waiting on Optimism documentation to become available
  • Gas-less polling for governance; 3esmit is investigating connecting a dapp to Waku as well as a mailserver to host voting receipts
  • Security is looking to move to a incident response platform and discussing requirements and timeline for a public campaign on hackerone. Aside from audit plans for ongoing projects
  • Marketing is looking to roll out a pilot of the referrals program with ambassadors. Also, aside from comms plans for ongoing projects

As you can see, there are a lot of puzzle pieces being worked on in parallel. By rough estimate, the updates capture 60% of the work. If you want to know if something is being worked on, please start a discussion here or in #status on Status


I have to say the public chats like #status is full with Ads ,very annoying,looking forward a better solution~


It totally is annoying @York. Please know that developing a space for communities to live spam free has Status’ focus. For work in progress, you might want to check Communities currently in Alpha.

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