Protected chats

Idea name: Protected chat
Description: The “protected chats” feature is an inspiration from the existing feature in Threema and Viber that works in almost the same way. The idea is to enable a PIN, fingerprint authentication or keycard step to access a specific chat.
Use case: As a user, I want to protect some chats that I consider important with an extra security step through a PIN, fingerprint authentication or keycard so that I can guarantee greater physical security to unauthorized access to chats marked as “protected chat”.
Target user: All users who need extra security to access the chats.
Why this is important: This feature is attractive for people who need extra security steps and ensures greater privacy if someone has access to the person’s phone, in addition to the feature adding value to the Status.
Any other comments:

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

For like when your (or other chat members) phone gets stolen?

I like the idea (+1) and think (but what do I know) that it should be fairly easy.
Am I right @hester?

We currently have the extreme, ‘protect all chats’; Which has to do with how the private chat key is encrypted and stored. I think this feature makes most sense there are security layers (e.g. privacy slider) that allows the user to set a lower global security level and instead protect individual chats.

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