PSA: General Security Information

Status will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase or password. The Status Application does not store any information on you and cannot read anything you write to people outside of what you put in public chats, nor is there any chat room administration. We cannot restore your messages or funds to you.

Status only provides a portal for you to access the decentralized web and chat. The associated keys are yours and are therefor your responsibility to secure them appropriately. Always back up your seed phrase in a safe location so that if something happens to your device, you can recover. If you are unsure of the proper way to do any of this, ask a question in the Status public chat #support or email [email protected]. See the above point about us asking for sensitive information when you do this.

ENS usernames are open to anyone who registers them first, and the Status organization does not currently have an official name to use for communication. Do not trust who a person is based solely on their ENS username. While they are unique, they are not reserved.

The use of Discord/Telegram/Etc is solely for community building until the Status Network can support us. Do not expect any official communication through these channels or someone to solicit you for information via a direct message on these platforms.

If someone has solicited you for your sensitive material, or acting in a way that you feel is a scam, please report them via email to [email protected]. So that we can be aware of known scammers and address the situation in any way that is available to us, if necessary.