Q1 2020 Quarterly Report

If you want to feel old, just think we are nearly a quarter of the way through 2020 :scream: Anyway, I digress… :wink:

Coronavirus may be disrupting life’s party, but the good old quarterly report is a constant. And it’s soon time for another edition!

This post is to give everyone involved a heads up so we can all get prepared.


Feedback from last edition

  • Ship earlier
  • Clearer review deadlines
  • Make retrospective any info that has a lag

More in the Q4 2019 retrospective post.


@ceri - plan to aggregate the content and write the copy by 6 April.

Reminder on content gathering - will pull all the updates for swarms/teams from a mix of:

Twitter + Discuss/Forum + Blog + Town Hall updates = Quarterly report update

Please just keep updating those sources mentioned above ^ or let me know if there’s anywhere else we should be following for your updates. I’ll gather the content and write preliminary copy, and ask you to review it for accuracy.


@jonathan - do you think Leja would have capacity/interest in helping out again? Otherwise we can figure out something else. Would probably need help ~7-8 April .

Reviewers / content providers

Please be ready to review the report between 9-13 April . Tagging people I’d love to get involved, but lmk if you don’t have capacity or want to be part of the project!

  • Editorial review - @rbin?
  • Product review - @rachel
  • Ambassador review - checking who wants to get involved, had some volunteers when I asked a few months back … TBC
  • Founder review - @carl and/or @jarradhope


@Jinho - wdyt to lining up translators for 14-16 April ?


SNT for translations, graphics & ambassador input = ~$1k. Will submit a proposal for this on Assemble.

Cheers all! If I didn’t tag you but you want to get involved, that’s fab, just ping here :slight_smile: Ceri


Nice, I will do my best to finish the tagalog version of my translation :slight_smile:

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Okay, let me contact the translators soon! :slight_smile:


i can translate from english to Greek if UR interested