Q2 2020 Quarterly Report

Firing up the quarterly report machine :smiley:

Shout if you want to join the editorial team!


Feedback from last edition

  • None really, I was just slow in writing it and that held it up somewhat.


@ceri - plan to aggregate the content and write the copy by 8 July .

Reminder on content gathering - will pull all the updates for swarms/teams from a mix of:

Twitter + Discuss/Forum + Blog + Town Hall updates = Quarterly report update

Please just keep updating those sources mentioned above ^ or let me know if there’s anywhere else we should be following for your updates. I’ll gather the content and write preliminary copy, and ask you to review it for accuracy.


@jonathan - if Leja’s still onboard, would need his help on ~ 9-13 July .

Reviewers / content providers

Please be ready to review the report between 9-13 July.

  • Marketing review - @jonathan
  • Team content - team leads
  • Founder review - @carl


@Jinho - wdyt to lining up translations for 14-16 July?

@all - If you’d like to get involved in translating the report into your native language, that would be amazing, just give me a shout!


SNT for translations, graphics & other input = ~$1k.

Cheers all!


Guess who’s back… I’m in!!

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Dream team back together :raised_hands:t2:

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Sure, let me reach out to translators soon!

Let’s translate it into

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Koran (Jinho)
  • Chinese (Steven)
  • Tagalog (Ken)

Sure let’s do this! Nice Budget <3


Draft copy is nearly finalised, just going through review from all the teams just now.

If any CC wants to review it, feel free, here’s the link.

Will aim to publish by end of week.

Cheers! C

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Hi @ceri :wave: I’m new to Status and Nimbus. Got tech writing/reviewing experience here. To view the doc, shall I request access via the Google Doc link or here? Thanks!

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Feel free to request on the doc, it’s still under review but happy to have your look over it if you’re keen to proofread!

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