Q2 Engagement Survey - coming soon

TL:DR - we’re planning another quarterly Engagement Survey. Ahead of that, we’re crowdsourcing your ideas about what you’d like to see in that survey


It’s soon time to launch another quarterly engagement survey to capture the pulse of Status through observations from core contributors.


We’ll deploy the survey by end of May (along with guidance on completing it), and will leave the survey open for responses until mid-June.

Proposed survey

We’re proposing to follow the same question set and format (Google Form) as the Q1 engagement survey. The question set was:

  • What should Status… start/stop/continue?
  • How happy are you working at Status? [1-5 scale]
  • Any comments, questions, or other feedback?

What do you think? Also, we’re interested to hear your thoughts on whether we might want to add a few additional questions related to hot topics, e.g.

  • Meeting creep: “Do you have enough time to do your job”
  • Accountability: “It is clear to me what is expected of me”
  • Retention: “I plan to be at Status in 6 months”.

^ Those are just some suggestions to kick off the discussion, we’re open to hearing your ideas.

About the Google form format

We’ve been looking at other tools for capturing this kind of feedback, and fell in love with Peakon, however at ~$6k per year, we just couldn’t justify the cost. The Google form is not a sophisticated survey format, but if you’re happy to work with that then so are we.

Thank you!

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If you need more question types and survey logic you can also use Qualtrics (we have a subscription based on nr of responses). Here you can check out some question types: Question Types It also has libraries that contain e.g. engagement questions. Let me know if this covers what you’re looking for.

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We used to use Peakon at Opera, we found it useful, discovered a few issues here and there. Not perfect, but it was definitely better than just google forms.


Thanks @hester!

Took a look at Qualtrics and it does look like a more user friendly survey interface (as well as having advanced functionality if we ever want to build out the engagement survey into something more complicated). If the time to set up a survey is insignificant, and we already have a subscription, it could be worth switching. I’m on the fence - @rajanie and @j12b - thoughts?

I think if we’re going to keep the questions simple, the Google form works fine (so maybe stick with that for this round?) - but if people would prefer something more in-depth Qualtrics would be good.