Q2 Engagement Survey - launch

TL:DR - please take the Q2 Engagement Survey here.


You may have heard that we’re launching another quarterly engagement survey to capture core contributor opinions.

Our last engagement survey was in Feb 2019 (results here), which we used to inform changes across Status (hear Jarrad talk more about that in this Town Hall from the archive).

We’re asking you again to complete the same survey, by 12th June. We’ll share the results just after the survey closes. Here’s the link, we’ll also be emailing it to you directly.

About the survey format

We talked more about that in this post, and decided to stick with Google while the survey is still a basic and straightforward set of questions. If we want to add more questions to the survey in future quarters, it will probably make sense to switch to a dedicated survey platform (e.g. Qualtrics).

What we learned in the last round

  • Some people found the question format confusing. In the first section, we’re asking you what should Status stop/start/continue. As an example, you might think of things that Status is doing well -> continue, doing badly -> stop, or not doing at all that it should -> start.
  • We wanted to call out that the raw survey results will be published openly, so please take that into consideration when writing your feedback (anonymising any specifics if you don’t want to be identified).
  • The survey doesn’t collect email addresses (your comments are left unattributed). We hope this means you can feel free to be candid, please also bear in mind that we’re not able to follow up with you directly on anything you raise in your feedback. Feel free to ping us afterwards if you want to start a discussion.
  • We’d love to help people surface their concerns directly with those involved (if they relate to specific people). Feel free to reach out to us if you have feedback on individuals and want help on how to take it forward.


Drop them here.

Thank you!