Q2 Engagement Survey results

Hi! Thank you all for taking part in the survey, we had a response rate of 41% (down from Q1’s 49%, which is not unexpected given all the work being done on v1 launch!) :raised_hands:t2: You can find the raw response data here.

In summary:

  • Happiness score is up since Q1 (4.1 / 5, up from 3.9).


  • Many of you are keen for us to stay super focused on V1 launch, also feeling too spread out over multiple workstreams - would appreciate prioritisation of projects (and understanding of how we prioritise what we do). V1 scope creep is a concern.
  • Some lingering frustrations on mobile app performance and reliability. Desktop is lacking in love and attention.
  • More sharing of the longer term (6+ months) vision for the product and org would be beneficial.


  • We’re getting better at communication and collaboration across swarms. That said, swarms can lack impact - need more accountability for results.
  • We need better documentation - of our choices, technical architecture, and user/system requirements.
  • Status should keep developing its network: being active in the Ethereum community, championing others doing cool stuff, bountying more work, reducing barriers to contribution, giving ambassadors more recognition.


  • New tools, organisation changes, and shifting priorities can be distracting.
  • Wrike is ok, but overall a higher-level more human-readable rollup of the roadmap would help. It should be shared frequently and prominently.

Financial / personal:

  • There’s relief at market recovery, but financial position is still a concern. People would like to better understand runway, hedging strategy, revenue generation, and what happens to jobs later in the year or if the market turns again
  • We feel more productive, and with a better working rhythm in 2019 than 2018. People want to build on this momentum and keep moving forward with principles firmly in mind.
  • Reduced salary has been a pain point.

Things going well:

  • Partnerships, Innovating with a focus on privacy, Shipping, Focusing on the whitepaper, Town Hall updates on strategy, Transparency, Contributors supporting one another, Working with great people, & Solving important problems in our work.


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: