Question: Interfacing React dApp with a personal Status Node with Mailserver

Hi there,

I have been developing a encrypted file transfer dApp using IPFS and Whisper. Currently the encrypted file transfer is operational using a bootstrapped Geth instance running on EC2 as the web3 provider for whisper functionality. However, for message persistence (e.g. being able to receive files while offline) I have been looking into mailservers.

I am trying to spin up a status node with mailserver to replace the existing geth instance I am currently using. My understanding is that I should be able to connect to the running status node and be able to use the extended RPC Api (shh_requestMessages) on top of the existing Whisper RPC api.

I have successfully spun up a status-go node by building and running statusgo-linux on a remote droplet, I have also been able to grab the enode address and IP address of the running node. However I’m having trouble interfacing my React dApp to this instance.

I have the following details of my running status node:

  • IP Address
  • enode address

How do I go about interfacing my React dApp with my custom Status Node so I can use the mailserver functionality with the extended status API ? Would I still be using web3.js?

Much appreciated!

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@adam @pedro or others may be able to help here.

@sharad-s This does not exactly answer your question but you might consider writing an extension companion for your Dapp! This way you could leverage status infrastructure directly. See some more infos here:

There’s probably some missing features to address your use case but we could work on those together!

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