Quick Burning feature

Idea name: Quick Burning feature
Description: The idea of “Quick Burning” is that it may initially look similar to destructive messages, but with a different intention and application. The Quick Burning will work with just one click, ideally with an icon (maybe a fire icon?) next to the chat options (stickers, audio message). The duration can be discussed here; 1min? 5? Or 1 hour? Can it be customized?
Why this is important: Self-destructive messages are based on the idea of a defined time that will apply to ALL chat. But if I want the credit card number or a photo to be erased quickly I will have to modify the time of the self-destructive messages to finally, send what I want in the time I chose. This sounds bureaucratic and laborious. The idea of quick burning is precisely to offer a feature to delete messages based on time regardless of the self-destruct timer. I emphasize that the proposal for Quick Burning is through “click”. It will only work when I click on the icon. Click on the “fire” icon> write the message> click send. The next messages will not have the quick burning mode activated. It will always be a manual click process.
Any other comments: I’ll show you a image from Wickr and how it implemented two different self-destruct features. What I propose is not the same as Wickr in practice, but in essence.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

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