Rachel & Corey - new roles

We’re really excited to announce a couple of newly-created roles in Status:

  • Corey will be moving into a Chief Security Officer role
  • Rachel will now be our Head of Product.

The new CSO role has been created to recognise Corey’s leadership of security and technical development across the Status Network, and will come with an expanded area of responsibility. Corey has long been a public advocate for Status, and with this new role he’ll be an even more visible figurehead for Status out in the ecosystem.

We’ve created a Head of Product role to drive a cohesive product strategy across the whole of the Status Network. Rachel will own the product roadmap alongside Jarrad, and will coordinate between product teams (e.g. Embark, Keycard). Rachel has done an awesome job on product management for core, and this new role is an extension of that.

I’m sure you will all agree these are well deserved transitions, and we’re so excited to see what Corey and Rachel bring to their new roles here :slight_smile:

If you have any questions on these newly-created roles, I’m happy to answer them, feel free to drop them here or DM me :raised_hands:

For full transparency, below are the new role specs for the CSO and Head of Product which Corey and Rachel will be accountable to (this isn’t an exhaustive list - it’s likely as time goes on and the Status Network develops there will be other areas of priority).

cc @rachel @petty

Title: Chief Security Officer


  • Having visibility on (and input to) high-level goals of teams under the Status Network:
    • Status app (core)
    • Nimbus
    • Vac
    • Teller
    • Embark Labs
    • Keycard
    • Assemble
    • Dap.ps, etc
  • Oversight and support of overall financial asset security:
    • Multisigs
    • Bank accounts
    • Payments
    • SNT and governance
      • voting
      • exchange exposure
      • reserve distribution management
    • Monitoring
      • high value accounts
      • deployed contract behavior
  • Smart Contract Security
    • Specification development
    • In-house security assessment
    • Risk based prioritization and budget
    • 3rd party audit negotiation
  • Organizational security
    • Access management
    • Process and procedure
    • On/off boarding
  • DevSecOps
    • Risk of infrastructure across the org.

Title: Head of Product


  • Set and drive overall Status product strategy, in alignment with the views of all stakeholders, resolving disputes where necessary.
  • Primary focus areas:
    • chat
    • profile/identity
    • wallet/accounts
    • browser
    • dap.ps
    • keycard integration
  • WIth Jarrad, set future product roadmap for the Status Network.
  • Drive collaboration and coordination across all Status’ product areas.
  • Serve as the main point of contact for Product areas and Jarrad.
  • Drive roadmap planning and prioritisation of efforts, directing engineering and design team resourcing where necessary.
  • Maintain / manage relationships with engineering, design and marketing teams and ensure that all necessary teams are consulted for, and informed of, relevant updates.
  • Collaborate with Marketing to identify user profiles, help develop product strategy and go-to market.

Congratulations @petty @rachel! :partying_face: Full confidence that you’ll both do an awesome job in driving Status direction and security.


Wow! Congratulations! Full support here!

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congrats guys! @rachel You go girl!


I’m incredibly humbled to be given this opportunity. I have a follow-up post to discuss my plans and reflections on my responsibilities over the next two years.

I am so happy to be part of this community, and the projects involved.


Congrats @petty and @rachel - this is such well deserved news. Status is in great hands!


Thanks for the congratulations, all. Lots to do and we’re just getting started. :slight_smile:

I’m always open to feedback if you’d like to share something with me.