Read-only public channels (feature request)

Idea name: Read-only public channels
Description: Read-only public channels
Use case:
As a user, I want to subscribe and read interesting channels (news, social, etc)
As content or news maker I want to publish messages in a read-only way in a dedicated public channel
Target user: All users and organizations
Why this is important:
Growth and user retention, see telegram statistics
It’s important for communities to have such tool
Any other comments:
Implementation might be really simple, user registers ens name , and its possible to create new public channel using this name, it will work similar to regular public channel, but a topic such “@ensname” will be used, in that case only owner of this name will be able to write in this channel , others can only read, and all messages posted in this topic not by this ens name will be filtered

Also probably it would be useful to keep send command in such channels , so users can donate to channel right from the chat interface

And probably reactions would be useful as well :slight_smile:

i really love this idea


Cross linking an older post for reference:

The feature seems a subset of Maybe a good mvp for organization channels. Wdyt @andrey @cammellos ?

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It could be modeled so that the underneath implementation is a public organization with a single channel, yes. In that case it will be shown as a read-only public channel.

We also don’t need to force the user to register an ENS name to associate with the channel, discovery can happen with the public key (same as a contact), with the option to associate a ENS name for easier access.

In case we want to implement organizations channels this can be a MVP, good idea, otherwise it can be implemented in much simpler ways.

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