Regulation of cryptocurrency around the world

In a world of challenging regulatory framework, towards our path to DAO to become true crypto ninjas it is useful to know what are the risks around us. From the long period of observatory modus operandi regulators are now more actively engaged to complicate our life and work by bringing more and more bureaucracy and obstacles into the world of crypto. I would like to share with you book of Regulation of cryptocurrency around the world to help you navigate in an environment where you live, travel or operate. If you want me to dive more deeply into specific questions for your crypto constellation, feel free to talk to me. Also, use this channel to publish any news or update you find useful on the topic.




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This is a great overview. Do you know if it’s updated at any interval? Noticed that for The Netherlands the description missed a reference to the tax status of cryptocurrency; classified as ‘Other assets’ with a value as reported by the used exchange on Jan 1st.

I see the report is dated June 2018, so that means there are updates to be added for sure in many jurisdictions. I expect soon to be published based on forthcoming FATF guidelines and for EU new 5AML Directive have to be transposed into national legislation, so will keep you posted. If you have useful links you can always share and I will organise document to be available to everyone. Go crypto ninjas :wink:

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Maybe this is more up to date: Legality of cryptocurrency by country or territory - Wikipedia

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The GmbH needs to accept that the binaries it’s going to produce are subject to the distribution channels policies and the jurisdictions those binaries are distributed in.

Thanks Sonja. The UK tax authorities published an update in December 2018 here: Cryptoassets - GOV.UK

Here sharing two more articles for education in tax and new offshore legislation for anyone interested to organize their business in a more tax-friendly environment.