Request for feedback: New Wallet Designs

The Core Wallet team has been working on new wallet flows and designs that aim to significantly improve the wallet and transaction flows.

In particular, it addresses ongoing feedback user feedback and UXR findings around these problems:

  • Screen is overwhelming: where to start filling out details?
  • Can’t see fiat value of crypto
  • Can’t enter fiat amount
  • Tx fee is complicated
  • Where is a total amount? Users can miss the confirmation details
  • Transaction phrase is mistaken for password
  • Place of Cancel button is not intuitive
  • Transaction phrase is confused with Recovery phrase quite often

Currently we are doing UXR testing on the new designs, as well as opening up feedback from contributors and the community. Your help and feedback is needed!

Please take a look at the wallet overview presentation for context.

Then head over to the interactive prototype to review the screens, and switch on comment mode to drop in questions, suggestions, and feedback. Feedback in this thread is also welcome.


It’s been two weeks since the prototype and presentation were shared internally and I received a lot of valuable feedback (teammates <3).

While I was working on the prototype for UXR session I incorporated and resolved some most common request from the team. Take a look:

What has been done specifically:

• Added emoji’s to wallet the onboarding flow, copy adjusted Link
• Cleaned up the overview screen. Made network fee link looks like a button Link
• Reworked Network fee screen. It’s a popup now, bc it can’t be a modal within our app architecture
Added description who gets the fee and time estimation Link
• Put Transaction phrase back again to the password popup Link
• Adjusted copy of the confirmation screen together with Obi based on the user feedback Link
• Cleaned up the UI / dropped extra icons Link

Looking forward to these wallet improvements being live.

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The new design is really good. I think the Contacts tabs are great to have recent interact.
The gas price design edit is great! We have to remember that in future we will accept gas price in other tokens, if they were coming from a supported Identity.

I want to open discussion more about Sign & Send Transaction:
There is a technical difference in Signing and Sending. MyEtherWallet always separated the actions, usually because they support also offline signing.
I think the title should be Sign Transaction, because this is what about the screen is, and the button Send Transaction, as the ultimate action of this button is broadcasting the signed transaction
By typing correctly the password we can assume that user intrinsically signed it, and button send action does the signing and broadcasting that can be overall understood as sending the signed transaction to network.

For the overall improvement we could add a button in password field, that would check password and sign transaction. when this is complete then user can Broadcast Transaction.

I think this is an interesting reading for this topic: Life Cycle of an Ethereum Transaction | by Mahesh Murthy | BlockChannel | Medium

The way new design is planned is great, not sure if I have anything to improve on it.

Maybe a support of “data field” when its used, and decoded when dapp provides ABI, or ABI is known through a registry.

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Nice work. Particularly like the new contacts tab :slight_smile:

What new contacts tab?

this one: