Request: If I have to start with one book from your field, what should it be?

As the title states, a simple request that if there is one book / article / podcast / blog post from whatever you consider to be your “field” or “specialization” to get started with what would it be?

The intent here is clearly not to become a specialist but to maybe start a decent list for anyone to refer to in order to get started in whatever topic you think is worth having a baseline understanding of. Feel free to post links or just simply a title and author(s). Also don’t worry about the “field” or “specialization” thing. If you think there is a book about beekeeping with amazing lessons to apply to blockchain then you def get bonus points!

I’ll start. If you’re curious about product design / UX(R) / HCI one canonical reference to start with is Don Norman’s Design of Everyday Things. Don is a neuroscientist by training but effectively created the field of “UX” by applying principles from behavioral science to product design.

Making it right and UX Strategy

Both books contain a wealth of applicable detail.

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Work Rules! A new book from Google's Laszlo Bock - by the former People Operations lead at Google (Laszlo Bock) - focused on balancing art & science to build better companies.

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