Roadmap Planning

I notice we don’t have centralised notifications here? We’ll need to make this a high priority for improving our retention scores. They definitely should be disabled by default, make the user aware it’s an option, and what privacy they are giving up.


Re notifications, most of these questions posed in this thread remain unanswered AFAIK: A good (re-)start would be to ensure we have answers there that we all agree with, for example through Core Dev calls. That would make sure we don’t flip-flop between different models too much and instead can progressively build on it, both in the decentralization/privacy vector and the UX/retention vector.

Proposal : divide all improvements into types (security, privacy, etc.) and when voting on SNT owners, clearly establish the division based on the capabilities of programmers, for example, only 5 proposals can be for 1 month (2 for security; 1 for privacy; 2 for interface improvements)

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There was a demo feature last year where I could embed a single channel chat on my website, so people who wanted to contact me could go to the website and participate in the channel. I’m not sure where this went or how it fits into everything. I know @petty tested it out as well.

It is a feature that we could distribute as an open source private helpdesk feature/product. I’m not sure how anonymous that was (or is), but it had potential for an interesting type of outreach. Business case, imagine using Status web chat on a new product website for help desk or conversion marketing (e.g. A private, secure service that doesn’t collect data could be a valued tool.