Sabbatical July~Sept

With version 1.5 on the horizon, I want to take pause and bask in it’s sunrise. Not as CEO, but as a user.

v1.5 will be a realized vision, a release that I’m proud of.

For that I am thankful for everyone who has spent, and spends their time helping realize the Status vision.

At the same time, there are many yet-to-be realized ideas from when Status first began.
I think now is a great time to revisit those ideas and explore them.

Ideas, I love diving deep into concepts and ideas - letting their deepest currents sweep me to wherever they may lead.

I have many other interests, of which I haven’t had the bandwidth to keep up to date with since starting Status, now half a decade has past I want to explore them again, see how far they’ve come, see as to what draws me, how I feel.

I want to spend my time writing about Complex Societies, Neural Programming, Computational Neuroscience, Neuromorphic Hardware, Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology.

Also, I want to take a break from being a CEO. The role is mentally demanding, yet not mentally engaging. Freedom of thought is so very precious, and so I do it out of duty and find most of life’s pleasure from that. This is enough to keep me content.

Status is moving into a new phase, we’re currently crossing the chasm, and soon things will be very simple for Status with everyone focusing on growth, focuses on acquiring and retaining users with what we’ve built, and the network will thrive.

The network will need some steering mechanisms, which I have been thinking about.

I entered this space with strong anarcho-capitalist and libertarian ideals, and being a little wiser now, I feel the strong pull of these ideals, yet my thinking is closer to reality.

With this in mind, it’s the right time to implement governance.

Day by day I want to see everyone in the organisation becoming more aligned, we must all be aligned on growth and retention, and the mobile team must lead the way, with that our future is going to be bright. I have no doubt we’ll cross the chasm.

We need to get people to import their social networks, to invite their friends, and we need to offer a compelling user experience, while adhering to our principles.

I’m looking forward to coming back to Status with fresh eyes and renewed vigor for the next chapter of the Status Network.


Hi folks - I put a hangout in the calendar for us for Friday as a handover ahead of Jarrad taking sabbatical. Sorry for the short notice scheduling, I picked the best slot available with everyone’s schedules :slight_smile:

The call is for core contributors and won’t be live streamed as it’s pretty informal - Jarrad & Carl will run through the plan for while Jarrad’s out, recap priorities and expectations for all teams. It’s a chance to catch up all together to firm up our plans for the next few months and get prepared as a team.

It’s in the morning UTC time, which means not everyone will be able to make it (apologies folks in the Americas!), so we’ll take a recording and recap with some notes here on next steps.

Would love to see you all there & looking forward to catching up! If you can’t make it but you have any questions you’d like to ask or points you’d like to cover, drop your comments here and I’ll make sure they get covered.

Cheers all!


Hi all! Thanks for joining the hangout today / catching up with these notes async :raised_hands:t2: The recording of the call is here.


As a brief recap of expectations for the coming months while Jarrad’s out, what’s needed is:

  • Stronger alignment between the mobile app team and growth marketers
  • All CCs focused on user growth, particularly the mobile team
  • Nimbus working its way into Status app
  • Desktop to become production ready
  • Vac having more scalability
  • More users for the mobile app - at 6000 daily from August.

Team goals

If your team isn’t mentioned here, that’s because your goals haven’t changed in recent times / don’t need clarification, but shout if you’d like to validate your plans for the coming months.


  • Ask is to implement process improvements and identify issues in production that impact efficiency
  • Focus on and push for user growth and retention.
  • Once user growth targets are met, next priority on the horizon will be additional SNT utility, specifically Tribute to Talk.


  • SNT controller becoming a topic democracy, with solid staking solution that captures value.
    • Ricardo to implement
    • Will need an audit
  • Base Model
    • The Base Model will be used in governance decisions
    • Barry to implement
    • In the model there are TODO’s and an outline of the requirements
    • The idea behind the Base Model is to have different pricing schemes and different valuation perspectives on the model. Exploration of options should form part of the work.

Security / infrastructure

  • Distribution - target of becoming independent of app stores by the end of the year
  • Metrics - seems to be broken, needs a fix


  • Review partnership with BlockScience
  • Take ownership of shipping an incentivised scalable message passing network.

Next steps

Carl will be available during Jarrad’s sabbatical, please also feel free to ping me for questions/support.

There are strategy sessions with all team leads on Monday, so team leads please do bring all your questions from the team to that, and be sure to distil the discussion back to your teams so that everything is transparent and shared.

The key message here is that all the teams are pushing forward in the right direction already, so the ask is to keep doing that in a focused way and with these goals in mind. Every CC has a part to play in making this happen, and team leads are accountable for teams driving results.

It’s going to be a busy and productive few months, but we’ve got this. Thanks everyone!