Secret Santa 2018

Hey y’all! Now that we’re close to the holidays, what do you think of participating in a Secret Santa where all of us can take part.

For those of us that haven’t participated in one, according to Wikipedia, “Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is a secret not to be revealed.

So basically it’s a gift exchange where someone will send you a gift and you’ll send a gift to someone else.

A concern @ceri mentioned was that some gifts may get stuck in customs, depending on how other countries postal systems work, so in order to avoid this, we should keep the gifts being of low economic value.

So, would you be interested in joining? thoughts?


@rramos I like the idea - would love to push crypto and adoption rate with this. Everyone could try to get/produce something that can be bought with crypto. We could also leave it purely digital - either a link to an artwork, maybe some personal lines of code, an easter egg and so forth. It could also be a voucher - we’d stay CO2 neutral and wouldn’t ship random stuff around.
Secret Santa could even be a dapp - giving suggestions to others (only revealing certain choices e.g. on predetermined user list in order not to disclose all possibilities to everyone) and allowing the anonymized transmission of the gift at a predetermined date.
The Secret Santa would stay secret in creating a new Status account only for that purpose and sending the chosen one the link to his/her gift. Maybe there’s also a solution through the anon chat - couldn’t think of one right now.

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I’m in, but expect to get NFT’s from me :slight_smile:


I really love this idea of giving Digital Art, NFTs, Code, whatever you’re able to come up with that can be appreciated by the person you gift it to.

I havent found a Dapp for this, but sounds like a cool weekend project (might be an overkill though): DApp that acts as a 3 participants multisig (gifter, giftee, organizer):

  1. People sign up by creating a new status account and sending an amount of ETH / SNT that acts as sign up fee. (similar to Kickback)
  2. Once people sign into the contract, they will be assigned someone else’s contact code / wallet so they can communicate between each other.
  3. Once the gift exchange is done, whoever gave the gift would generate a transaction in the contract indicating they send the gift, and the account that received the gift would create a transaction indicating they received it.
  4. If there’s a dispute due to someone saying that he sent the gift and the other party saying that it did not, the organizer will discuss this with both parties, and whoever is at fault, will lose their sign up fee and it will be sent to the other party.
  5. If everybody gives their gift and indicates they received theirs, they will receive back their sign up fee.
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That sounds very interesting - do I understand correctly, that each participant would be in 2 contracts; once as a sender and once as a receiver?
This would even allow to open it up for a broader group / allow other (random) groups to have their own secret santa game.

In the same contract, but yes, appearing both as sender and receiver. We could have also some sort of secret-santa-id, in case you want to have more than one game.

@rramos still think that would be a great initiative to have on status - could boost adoption