Security and Infrastructure Feedback Round

I would love it if anyone who interacts with me or @jakubgs (basically most of you) would fill out the feedback round on us, found here.

Between the two of us, we have our hands (in some way) in just about everything in the company. This leads to us having a variety of expectations from differing people, most of which are not explicitly voiced. This situation then leads to us either under-performing in some eyes, a lack of clarity on what we actually do or “own,” and confusion on our part about what we should be prioritizing.

The more people who fill out feedback on their perspective of our performance, and their expectations of our responsibilities, the better we can understand how to do those things and meet all the needs we should be providing appropriately.

It will also help identify holes or gaps in how we operate as a company considering we have a relatively broad scope.

Please be brutally honest, we can handle it.


I don’t know man, my ego might get crushed.


If you would like to leave feedback, please make sure to submit your comments this week or early next week!