SITG experiment #1 - Status intense micro adoption!

Thanks Stef. Same one as before works great.

Scheduled to go out Monday morning at 10:30. :white_check_mark:

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Measuring has relied on poll participation, but only 9 people have responded so far and that leaves us without an accurate view. :frowning:

Here is what we know so far:

99 core contributors
16 quit Slack
8 answered a Slack poll saying they used Status every day.

So far that puts the number using Slack every day at 24.

Everyone still on Slack people help us out and answer that survey!

Just sharing the latest here:

Slack people, pls grab the Polly link in general or #peopleops - takes 1 second to fill and we’re dying to know the final results!

Kind of at a loss how to get a larger ("statistically signifigant) response to the poll; there is also the consideration of the 20+ contributors who had already left slack at the time of the poll to consider, and we also have carl’s spreadsheet to consider (which is haphazardly filled)

Maybe it is time to reach out to individuals and ask one by one.

numbers have taken more shape since my earlier reply tho:

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Together with Slack deactivate this looks pretty solid! Great work everyone :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to count the above as 80%+. @carl what do you say?

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Some more votes came in overnight. Poll is closing in ~ 30 min - and this is how it’s looking like:

Copying the reasons why not since they are interesting (and most of them already in the works by @Chad and team):

A 2 days ago

Not knowing who is who. The fact that I keep closing the desktop app since I’m used to the way slack buttons work - when I click on the red button in the top left corner it closes the app, while on slack it just hides it. It’s a bit annoying.

B 2 days ago
Nothing. I use Status everyday, and also slack everyday as a backup communications tool since Status desktop is still quite unreliable.

C 2 days ago

D 2 days ago
the main thing is reliability; as well as some features (private channels, @mentions, files sharing. I also really struggle with the names/not knowing who’s who, and not having a multi-people DM option.

E 2 days ago
I think my team are still on slack most of time. But I still open my Status app to see the information in other public chats.

F a day ago
I’ve only just started this week, so I couldn’t use it last week.

G a day ago
People are much less responsive in Status; I’m having to resort to Slack/email for important things.

H a day ago
Same as before - speed, bugs, sync issues, lack of media uploads, contact list, wallet, fave chats.

I a day ago

  1. update on desktop deleted all my previous data, didn’t know that it was necessary to rename folder, so started from scratch again 2. 1 day of history, 3. sometimes history is not retrieved even for 1 day 4. @mentions to ping specific person mentioned in the channel - now feel like more disconnected and not sure person have read the message

J a day ago
Still want Status to indicate when new messages come (message counter like in what’s app, telegram etc.). Also some sound indication would be great! Another thing is private channels, images and videos exchanging.

K a day ago

L a day ago
I don’t have the time or inclination to remember people’s anonymous names. We’re meant to be using Status to get work done and I need to know who I’m talking to without cross referencing a spreadsheet / list.

M 21 hours ago
Status doesn’t run well on Windows. Currently use a VM but this is very slow, currently trying to get it set up through windows linux subsystem. However there’s a problem with multiple platforms: Users on one platform do not carry across their contacts, so if you add people on one platform, and they add you to see their name, when you open the same account on another platform (eg mobile vs desktop), your contacts need to be re-added for that platform. However, other users already have you in their contact list for the other platform, and cannot remove or re-add, so you end up with the pseudo-anonymous names on one platform. This also happens when I download another version for the same platform, unless I’m doing something wrong.

N 21 hours ago
The biggest barrier I face is the inconsistency between mobile and desktop. I receive messages better on mobile one day and desktop the next, but the history of messages won’t show up on both so if I’m having a conversation with 1 person in mobile one day when it’s working and then only get their message on desktop the next day, I have to remember what the messages were from mobile the previous day.

O 20 hours ago
Functionality is not there

P 17 hours ago
worry of missing messages, not knowing who is who by the names. Can’t really see if people have acknowledged my message, like slack has the emoji’s.

Would be interested in knowing more from M. The current Windows build is relatively old already, but would be nice to know what the issues with it are at the moment.

I don’t know who M might be, but I know @Dani is (or was until recently?) a Windows user - so he might be able to help

@pedro never downloaded the windows version - thought there was only ubuntu. Very happy to hear, will definitely install in prague!

Looks like the experiment was a success, great job everyone! :slight_smile:


@Dani @jason Could you help out with the payments for the winners? My 1k should be by the Status treasury, not sure about @carl’s, and the Status matched should be with Status treasury as well.

@oskarth - these will be going out during this upcoming payment cycle.

@jason Gotcha makes sense, thanks! cc @Chad