SITG experiment #4 - Slack cold turkey nao

I know it’s hard to use mobile for many, plus with desktop it’s an additional place to check and contribute, but mobile is really suffering from lack of CC participation right now as well. Any good errant thoughts or chit chat would do great in #status and there’s a small but growing community of us in #defi as well. Please cross-promote public channels you like to the Marketing team so we can help get the word out about existing communities and help retention.


I think this is a cool idea - can we do Desktop Fridays? If each team can share which primary channels they’ll be working in so people can follow those on their app (and check they’re bridged for easy switching between Discord <> Desktop). We can then get this list of channels updated for easier discoverability.

@Terry - we recently updated everyone’s chat keys in BambooHR right? So people can find each other in Status.

I see that most of the chitchat happens in #watercooler, so maybe it’s just a case of migrating it across to #status to avoid channel dilution.

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