SITG experiment #4 - Slack cold turkey nao

I guess someone has to go first? Why not be me, my ego told me.

Last few weeks I’ve made an attempt to move as many conversations to Status over as possible. It’s been a bit slow, but I’ve made contact with around 30 people through Status - leaving Slack will kick this up a notch.

Today is October 3, 2018. It’s evening in Taipei and I’m in a coffee shop. Just made sure Desktop works after last day’s fuck up. It seems OK. That’s as good a time as any.

If you catch me in Slack and report me with proof, as arbitrated by People Ops, I’ll give you $1000.

Backup in case of emergency/outage:

  • Discuss (public thread; private group PM works too)
  • Email
  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Signal upon request as well

Feel free to join me in being a intolerant minority (The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority | by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | INCERTO | Medium). Let’s ascend into the blockchain together.

See you in Status! My contact code is: 0x04cfc3a0f6c1cb824823164603959c639f99680485da2446dc316969faca00421b20dba3996bf99b8b5db7745eace60545a77e54784e91e440aa1af931161de3a6 (see Bamboo/Discuss profile, might update this to Keybase soon).

PS I have hundreds of starred messages in Slack that I “should” get back to. Rather than go through all of them, I’ll just burn it and start from scratch. Making sure all loose ends were taken care of is just an excuse not to Act. So if you have something you want to ping me about or bring my attention, please do so. DS


i’ve been communicating with ya mostly there anyway, other than the f**kup daze. kudos mai man, kudos

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Nice Oskar you beat me to it! Great Initiative and I’m also cold turkey, time to ascend into the blockchain!

I’ll match same wager $1k if you find me on Slack from 2018.10.04

Catch me on:


Awesome @jarradhope!

To simplify people’s onboarding onto Status, please refer to the publicly editable HackMD docs here:

Also pro-tip: if you want to go cold turkey, really deactivate your account. Otherwise your lazy brain/muscle memory is likely to trick you into checking Slack.

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Made a git editable list of auto-universal links here:

When I was a kid we used to play “last one in is a rotten egg!” when jumping into a swimming pool. At the offsite, we should totally announce the rotten egg(s) who leaves Slack last :'D


Deactivated my account this morning, and I’m pledging $10 USD/SNT per Proof-of-Deactivation, if someone deactivates their slack for 15+ days with any amount pledge not to return and says that your responsible for convincing them, you get commission.


It’s Tuesday, 9 October 2018, Ethereum Block 6’481’925. Slack is dead. Take my USD 1’000.- bet.

Find me in Status! My key:



I didn’t find another way to have a proof of deactivation :slight_smile:


Another $7.49 saved :slight_smile: ! Slack is now locked to me:




Brief follow up: Experiment as success! Slack was deactivated on stage at devcon4.

Given the following:

  1. The org has given in to the temptation of convenience, moving over to the dark side of Discord
  2. Desktop has been re-born and is in alpha again, like the hydra that multiple clients is
  3. Our extremely low retention rate and lack of true, in the flesh, understanding of what drives it

Perhaps it is time to revisit this endeavour?

Who wants to go first?

Will it be you?

To be continued.


Join me on desktop @oskarth, I am already there :stuck_out_tongue:


As soon as the desktop sync account bug is fixed and there is a new release I’ll be there :wink:


If we make the dog food, we should also eat the dog food.

I will join you in eating the dog food. :dog:


I propose starting 1 day a week (like every wednesday or something), make changes/bug fixes/UI improvements based on feedback from that, then steadily move on to 2 days, then 3, etc…