SNT Utility Cockpit

While Status is progressing on its White Paper deliveries, please have a look at the document: SNT Utility Cockpit. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the implemented and planned SNT use cases.

You are invited to include your comments, fill in the cells under Obstacles/Next Steps, Due Date (By when can we reasonably implement the use case?), and Lead (Who is working on it?/Who would like to support?) and add new creative use cases at the bottom of the document.


The SNT Utility Cockpit document was just updated based on a call which included most of the people who have contributed to it so far by adding SNT utility items or leaving comments.

The SNT use cases 1) Username Registration and 2) Voting on Status Developments have been implemented.

The next priorities are the Status Teller Network (lead Nabil & Carl) and Point of Sales & Status Plasma (lead Jarrad) as presented by Jarrad during the Town Hall as of 26 November 2018.