Social Media Content Collaboration Call


An optional fortnightly social media content call has been set up in the Status Calendar for those interested in contributing to our publishing schedule.

This WeKan board is where each team can submit and build-out content ideas.

This WeKan board will be a live ‘calendar’ housing all final scheduled posts, providing everyone with visibility on what content is scheduled to go live at any time.

Social Media Content Collaboration Call

Hey All,

A follow-up from the previous research piece, moving on from the philosophical discussion and onto the action phase…

A huge thanks to everyone who provided feedback. We received a ton of comments, both via Discuss/Docs and in-person in Prague.

The overwhelming majority of contributors returned a very strong message:

“I would like the opportunity to publish content from our social channels, but not be obligated to.”

We hear you loud and clear.

Since joining Status I’ve done my best to keep up with everything happening around the different teams, but I need your help to ensure the interesting work all of you do is given the social love it deserves as we switch from the current reactive, ad hoc status quo.

That’s where the fortnightly Social Media Content Collaboration Call comes in.

We’ve added a new - entirely optional - call to the Status Calendar with the intent for it to be a regular opportunity for everyone to flag any and all relevant/interesting content ideas they would like surfaced via our channels, leading to an open forum for everyone on the call to discuss how we go about releasing the content.


  • Having representatives from across the wider organisation heavily involved ensures a broad range of opinions and perspectives, and affords team specialists the opportunity to advise on the most relevant messaging we’re ultimately putting out to the world
  • Flagging content in advance on this call allows us to fully capitalise on each opportunity, affording us enough time to produce the highest quality assets, create the most engaging copy, and formulate the most appropriate release plan
  • Taking the opportunity to space out our content in line with the learnings from the previous research piece ensures social algorithm optimisation resulting in higher engagement rates


Another call ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The proposed process for these calls would be:

  1. Ahead of the call, contributors create WeKan cards in the Content Collaboration Board under their team List – this could simply be an idea at this point e.g. ‘ENS announce’.

  2. On the call we discuss the new cards that have been added and build out the copy, asset and release timings

  3. Post-call, once a card has been finalised, it is moved to the Final Copy, Asset & Date | To Be Scheduled List

  4. Each piece of content is gradually scheduled via our publishing tool once it becomes final and can be viewed in the Status Social Content Calendar Board, which will act as a live ‘calendar’ housing all final scheduled posts, providing everyone with visibility on what content is scheduled to go live at any time.

We’ll all be learning together as we kick off this new process, so please continue to fire feedback my way if you feel any alterations should be made.