Social responsibility - carbon footprint offsetting

Hat tip @ola who asked about carbon footprint offsetting. I looked into this and the Carbon Fund offer a simple offsetting option where we estimate our annual air miles, hotel nights, and other forms of travel, and they generate a total cost which we pay over annually. The Fund then invests that amount into carbon reduction projects globally.

Floating this here in case you have any thoughts on the idea itself, the choice of offsetting provider, or any other CSR type ideas.



Happy to report that we’re now offsetting the carbon emissions on our annual business travel :raised_hands:t2:


There’s also initiatives like for other, crypto-creative ways of achieving the same kind of thing :+1:


Nice, will take a look! :smiley: thanks!

With no thoughts on how we can get this done: It would be amazing if we can publish a CSR report on our website.

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