SonarCloud checks?

For some time, the Checks page for any PR on any repo in the embark-framework GitHub org shows queued checks (always queued, never passed / failed / completed) for SonarCloud. See this screenshot:

At the bottom of the Conversation page for a PR, there’s never any passed / failed listings for SonarCloud.

No one on the Embark team remembers setting up SonarCloud, so maybe it was setup by another team or individual in Status at some point? Can anyone shed some light on this?

If it’s not actually in use, can it be removed?

If people don’t respond to this within the next few days or elsewhere, I will remove it.

I’m all for getting rid of things we don’t use, especially things that are given permissions within our Github org.

Just kidding, I am not admin of embark-framework org, only Status-im.